Fargen Retro Classic

Fargen have marshaled all their efforts and tapped the spine of classic amplification to expand their boutique line of tube amplifiers with the new 3-in-1, 25 watt amplifier, the Retro Classic - which goes all the way up to 68!

Fargen Decade Switch

The Fargen Retro Classic is designed to capture and produce three different classic amplifier tones and package it in a single 25 watt tube amplifier.

So we asked Jimi Hendrix (no relation) if he would rather use one of these instead of the amps from the company who's name begins with 'M' and ends in 'arshall' and he probably said, " " - guess he was too busy de-composing.

Fargen Amplification boasts of applying complete creative and engineering freedom for the design of the Retro Classic. The result is a faithful reproduction of classic tube tones that guitarists are looking for, right up until the year before their fingers start to bleed (note to self - must write a song about the winter of '68 - the second best days of my life).

The heart of the Fargen Retro Classic amplifier is the Fargen "Decade" Switch, it will let you instantly change the tone of your amp into three different classic tones. The first Decade Position is '59 which gives you the sound of a late '50s Tweed Bassman. This position is designed to recreate the classic Bassman wood tone. The second Decade Position is the '65, which gives you a JTM45 tone. The '65 is set up to recreate Clapton's warm Bluesbreaker tone. The last Decade Position is the '68 which is based on a 12000 Series Superbass. This is designed to give you high gain tones and implies EVH style sounds.

Fargen Retro Classic Details:

  • 25 watt 2 x KT66 power amp
  • GZ34 rectifier tube
  • Super transparent post phase master volume
  • 16g aluminum chassis
  • Mercury custom vintage replica transformers
  • Fargen Custom shop carbon comp resistors
  • SoZo Vintage signal capacitors
Fargen Retro Classic
  • Vintage style head cab and aesthetics
  • “Variac Sag” high/low voltage switch
  • Tung Sol reissue 12AX7 and KT66 tubes
  • Hand wired vintage layout and construction

Ben Fargen, Founder and CEO said: " The Retro Classic sets a new standard for flexibility and features, without sacrificing sonic quality and pure tone feel’”. Ben is a popular amplifier expert, and certainly expert in describing why his amps should be popular, and he is known to provide world tour and studio amp support for celebrated guitar players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

We asked Mr. Vai if anyone who buys a Fargen Amp should expect the same level of support that he gets from Fargen Amps and he said, "I told you I have a restraining order - GuitarSite is not to come within 100 feet of me anymore"!

The Retro Classic is Fargen’s new release for the 2011 holiday season, and is now available for shipment. Like most boutique products, audio quality comes with a price premium, the current manufacturer pricing for the Fargen Retro Classic is $2250 plus shipping/aeroplaning.

For further details about the Retro Classic, visit Fargenamps.com

For future details about Fargen's next amp sound visit 30th Century Foxy Lady - their next amp will teleport you to Nirvana!

Comming up next -> Jimi Hendrix's Top 10 Joe Satriani Spinal Tap cover songs to play on a Fargen Amp!

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Fargen Retro Classic

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Hendrix references were tasteless. Amp sounds promising for those that can afford. 2250 for a head ...hmmmm...

Fargen is at the more

Fargen is at the more expensive end of the range for sure, as are a lot of boutique amps, and although I haven't had the opportunity to play one myself I seem to always hear good things about Fargen.

As for the Hendrix references, I don't go down that path often, but whenever Spinal Tap references come up I do go a bit silly :)

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