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eTipbook Guitar Apps

Looking to buy guitar gear? Here are three eTipbook apps that can help you in picking up your next guitar, bass and other related gear.

AmpliTube Mesa/Boogie

IK Multimedia has just assimilated Mesa/Boogie into their amp modeling software AmpliTube, set to release five amplifier and cabinet models.

Bias iOS - Amp Match Update

Positive Grid updates their popular iOS amp designer/modeler Bias Amp to v1.5.12, now Amp Match compatible.

Line 6 POD HD v2.6 Update and HD Packs

Line 6 releases v2.6 software update for their POD HD line of multi-effects and amp modeling guitar processors.

Bias Desktop Artist Amp Match Presets

Positive Grid updates Bias Desktop with new "amp matched" presets that were personally created by popular guitarists.

Amplitube and iRig HD-A for Android

Samsung Professional Audio technology finally allows Android users to enjoy real-time amp and effects modeling.

Line 6 AMPLIFi 2.0 - Android Compatible

Line 6 releases version 2.0 of the AMPLIFi Firmware and Remote App, making it compatible with Android devices.

Positive Grid Bias Desktop Now Available

Positive Grid Bias for desktop now available, along with it comes the much anticipated "Amp Matching" technology.

Positive Grid Bias Desktop

Positive Grid unveils the Windows and Mac OS X plug-in versions of their innovative amp designer and modeler Bias.

JamUp Multi Effects Guitar App Update

Positive Grid updates JamUp Multi Effects, their flagship guitar and bass iOS app, with three new expansion packs and other extra features.

Video Surgeon v2.0

Todd, Michael & James, Inc (TMJ) release the updated version of their video analysis software - Video Surgeon.

Virtual Wampler Pedals now on AmpliTube

Wampler Pedals is the latest manufacturer to join the AmpliTube Custom Shop collection, with two of their stompboxes officially modeled by IK Multimedia.

Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 Update

Line 6 updates the AMPLIFi Remove app to v1.1, featuring improved search function and social media integration.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange App

Apple meets Orange with the new AmpliTube Orange app, featuring digitized replicas of popular Orange amplifiers.

Positive Grid Bias for iPhone

Positive Grid finally releases the iPhone version of their amplifier "designer" app, featuring sonic improvements and ToneCloud preset sharing.

Vai 360° App

Steve Vai stars in Vai 360° App, Spot Seven's latest 360° concert experience app for the iPad and iPhone.

Guitar Effects Apps Finally Coming to Android!

If you're an Android phone or tablet owner you've probably been frustrated seeing all the great virtual amp, effects, and cabinet simulator apps for iOS and wondered why they aren't available on Android.

Positive Grid BIAS - Amp Modeling App

Positive Grid enters the iOS amp modeling arena with the new BIAS app, an amp modeler, designer and processor in one.

The Best Guitar Tuner Apps

Tune your guitar using your phone or tablet with our selection of powerful and convenient guitar tuner apps.

TC Electronic TonePrint Editor 2.0

TC Electronic updates the TonePrint Editor software to version 2.0, featuring improved preset management.

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion - Reason Rack Extension

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion is now available in rack extension format for full integration with Reason.

Variax HD Upgrade

Line 6 releases Variax HD with Workbench HD, a software update that enhances their line of modeling guitars.

Deep Purple TonePrints

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover joins bandmate Steve Morse in expanding TC Electronic's TonePrint collection.

More AmpliTube Boutique Gear

AmpliTube expands their line of brand-approved gear with new boutique items from Dr. Z, Z-Vex and Fulltone.


Since its release in 2002, AmpliTube continues to be one of the most popular guitar amps and effects modeling software.

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