1987 – 1994

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl


Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

guitar & vocals

Krist Novoselic

Krist Novoselic



Nirvana popularized punk, post-punk and indie-rock, unintentionally bringing it into the American
mainstream like no other band before it. While its sound was
equal parts Black Sabbath and Cheap Trick, Nirvana’s
aesthetics were strictly indie-rock. They covered The Vaselines songs, they revived New Wave cuts by Devo, and leader Kurt Cobain relentlessly pushed his favorite bands – whether it was art-punk of the Raincoats or the country-fried hardcore of the Meat Puppets – as if his favorite records were always more
important than his own music. While Nirvana’s ideology was indie-rock and their melodies were pop, the sonic rush of their records and live shows merged the post-industrial white noise with heavy metal grind. And that’s what made the group an unprecedented multi-platinum sensation.

Cobain married Courtney Love, the leader of the indie-rock/foxcore band Hole, in February of 1992. Contoversy arose over heroin use during pregnancy, but France Bean Cobain was born a healthy baby, on August 18, 1992.

Jane’s Addiction and Soundgarden may have proven to the vast American heavy metal audience that alternative could rock, and the Pixies may have merged pop sensibilities with indie-rock white
noise, but Nirvana pulled at all together, creating a sound that was both fiery and melodic. Since Nirvana was rooted in the indie aesthetic, but loved pop music, they fought their stardom while courting it, becoming some of the most notorious anti-rock stars in history. The fate of the band and Kurt Cobain had been sealed. Suffering from drug addiction and manic depression, Cobain had become destructive and suicidal, though his management and label were able to hide the extent of his problems from the public until April 8, 1994, when he was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound. Cobain may not have been able to weather Nirvana’s success, but the band’s legacy stands as one of the most influential in rock & roll history…

Following Cobain’s death, Grohl formed the Foo Fighters, who released their debut album in the
summer of 1995. Novoselic formed the trio Sweet 75, who released their debut in the spring of
from All-Music Guide bio by Stephen Thomas Erlewine


1989 Bleach – The unrelenting fervor with which the group delivers these 13 tunes is almost frightening!

Nevermind 1991 Nevermind

  • Ranked #12 in NME’s list of the “Greatest Albums Of All Time”
  • Alternative Press Ranked #1 in list of the “Top 99 of ’85-’95”
  • AMG pick – a triple platinum album

…raising the Seattle grunge trio to the status of Godhead, and forever changing the face of the pop music market…

1992 Incesticide “…short, melody-driven songs
which belt past with brisk, uncomplicated glee….a fascinating insight
into what makes the band tick….a must for fans…”New Musical
Express (12/12/93, p.29) – “…Between the recording of BLEACH
in 1988 and NEVERMIND in 1991, a helluva lot happened and
here, thanks to the inclusion of the 1990 Peel covers session, a few
mysteries about their metamorphosis in style are laid out for a
proper look…

1993 In Utero – brilliant, corrosive, enraged and thoughtful

1994 Unplugged In New York – Review: New York Times 1/5/95, Included on Neil Strauss’ list of the Top 10 Albums of ’94 –
“…These songs…[are] strings of epitaphs delivered in a blistering, electrifying unplugged show.”

1996 From The Muddy Banks Of Wishka – Ranked #9 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “Ten Best Albums” of 1996

2009 Live at Reading

Nirvana Links

There are possibly over a thousand sites paying homage to Nirvana on the Web. This Nirvana page attempts to provide only a bare bones outline of where to start in the search for lyrics, tab, bio, pics, tributes and original content.

It is beyond the scope of to include every Nirvana tribute site. We seek to promote excellent sites by providing a summary and link, or tempting you further with a sample of what you’ll find on their site.

Kurt Cobain Jaguar – special reproduction guitar from Fender

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Nirvana Links @ Artists direct Former Ultimate Band List of Nirvana sites

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Nirvana Tablature from

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Using the sludgy, murky sound of the Stooges and Black Sabbath as a foundation, grunge was a
hybrid of heavy metal and punk. Though the guitars were straight from early ’70s metal, the aesthetic
of grunge was far from metal. Both the lyrical approach and musical attack of grunge were adopted
from punk, particularly the independent ideals of early ’80s American hardcore. The first wave of
grunge bands — Green River, Mudhoney, Soundgarden — were heavier than the second, which
began with Nirvana.

Nirvana was more melodic than their predecessors and they also had signature
stop-start dynamics, which became a genre convention nearly as recognizable as fuzzy, distorted
guitars. After Nirvana crossed over into the mainstream, grunge lost many of its independent and
punk connections and became the most popular style of hard rock in the ’90s.   

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