Orange Twister Cable – NAMM 2015

Orange Amplification unveils the Orange Twister Cable, featuring new technology that prevents cable kinks and tangles.

Orange Twister Cable

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The company will be bringing this interesting new gear to the upcoming 2015 NAMM Show, it will available for testing along with their new amplifiers and other releases.

The company claims that this is a world first, solving the age old problem that has plagued musicians since the dawn of electrified music. They had to think outside the box to make a working solution that will allow guitarists to move around the stage freely without worrying about cable issues, or opting for a digital wireless unit.

The patent applied for “Twister module” is what makes this cable special. As the name implies, it freely rotates as the cable moves around, preventing cable knots and related damages. This innovative feature makes the Twister Cable an ideal choice for players that want to move around while still remaining tethered to their amps, removing the need to compromise tone by utilizing digital wireless systems.

Orange Amps says, “The Twister module itself is machined from high quality, lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium, incorporating three sealed internal precision ball races ensuring a robust and reliable cable for performing musicians.”

Orange Twister Cable

Thanks to its unique design, your guitar signal remains uninterrupted even when the Twister module is rotating. It also has a very low noise factor to prevent unwanted sonic artifacts from seeping into your tone.

Orange claims that they utilized high grade oxygen-free copper cables, built to the same standards as their other instrument cable offerings. Since analog contact is not bypassed, the company assures that optimum clarity and articulation is retained, much like regular guitar cables, only the Twister Cable gives you the benefit of tangle free operation.


  • Unique Twister Module allows for freedom of movement without the need for digital wireless technology.
  • Prevents cables tangling and kinking on stage.
  • Durable precision aluminum casing with three internal ball races.
  • Superior low noise transmission of sound with excellent frequency response.
  • Available as part of the Orange Professional Cable range in instrument and microphone configurations with genuine Neutrik connectors.
  • Twister Module is available in black or silver finish.

The new Orange Twister Cable is currently available in 10, 20 and 30 Ft packages. Visit Orange Amps for more information.

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