PRS CE 24 Standard Satin Electric Guitar

The new CE 24 Standard Satin is PRS’ follow up to the bolt-on neck model that they re-introduced earlier this year.

PRS CE 24 Standard Satin

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After almost a decade of absence, PRS has brought back the CE 24 guitar, with its bolt-on neck design. The announcement and release was made earlier this year, but it looks like they are not yet done because before the year even ends, a second model has already been announced, this time carrying a different finish and a more traditional wood configuration.

While bolt-on necks are nothing special for many manufacturers, especially in the entry level market, it is a rarity among PRS guitars. So when they finally brought back the bolt-on neck model earlier this year, many were interested, so much so that PRS had to release a second model after just a few months.

PRS mentions that their breed of bolt-on neck guitars are meant to deliver sound and feel of traditional bolt-on guitar, while introducing their level of sound quality and playability. And it’s not surprising that many were interested, especially when considering that many guitar players learned on traditional bolt-on neck guitars themselves.

The PRS CE 24 Standard Satin carries over the same bolt-on neck design of the CE 24, while having a more vintage’y appearance and vibe, thanks to its all-mahogany body and satin finish. This guitar is essentially the Custom 24 through and through, albeit with the neck being bolt-on. Although I doubt this makes much of a difference, the company claims that this neck configuration adds a bit more snap and sparkle to the traditional warm PRS tones.

Instead of having a maple top like the CE 24, the Standard Satin model has an all mahogany body with a thin layer of satin nitro. According to the press release, this minor configuration change results in a warmer sound than the CE 24. Obviously, the look will also be different given the change in the top wood and finish.

The guitar’s neck is crafted from maple, and topped by an east Indian rosewood fingerboard. It has PRS’ characteristic scale length of 25″, with a total of 24 frets running along the length of the fretboard. Playability and feel of the neck is expected to be similar to the Custom 24, with the main difference being the bolt-on neck joint.

As for the electronics, the company chose to equip this guitar with a pair of 85/15 humbuckers, the same ones found on other standard PRS models. These pickups are wired to a 3-way toggle switch, a volume knob, and a Push/Pull tone knob that allows for split coil functionality. Finally, the guitar comes equipped with PRS designed tuning machines and tremolo bridge.

PRS Guitars conclude: “The original CE was introduced in 1988 and offered players PRS design and quality with the added snap and sparkle of traditional bolt-on guitars. Returning after nearly a decade of being out of the lineup, the CE 24 is back and better than ever. Check one out today.”

Pricing information was not provided, but it should be around the same price as the PRS CE 24 that was released back in January of this year, which is currently retailing for $1999. You can head over to PRS Guitars for more information.

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