PRS Private Stock Custom 24 8-String

PRS unveils their August Guitar of the Month, the Private Stock Custom 24 8-string with Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups.

PRS Private Stock Custom 24 8-String

The Private Stock department of PRS was born after the company finished their “Guitar of the Month” special releases in 1996. So it is only fitting that they celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Private Stock with a year long release of limited run Guitar of the Month models, which include this new Custom 24 8-String.

The new PRS Private Stock Custom 24 8-String guitar is inspired by the 8-string that PRS co-designed with one of their artist endorsers, Mark Holocomb of Periphery. It will only be available within the month of August, and only 8 will be produced for the month, so it sure will be an exclusive release.

PRS Director of Private Stock Paul Miles said, “When we were building Mark Holcomb’s 8-string model, the Private Stock team knew it was something special that we wanted to explore in The Guitars of the Month program. With each Guitar of the Month model, we celebrate our 20th Anniversary of Private Stock by exploring new designs and exceptional materials. The results are heirloom quality instruments that play as great as they sound.”

As expected from this line of instruments, the Custom 24 8-String will be using some of the company’s most deluxe materials available, and will showcase the craftsmanship of the PRS Private Stock team has to offer. And since this is an 8-string guitar, this makes the instrument even more special with its extended range, viable for guitar players who want to explore unorthodox playing style and songwriting.

The guitar’s body is crafted from swamp ash, and topped by premium curly maple top wood, forming the double cutaway shape that PRS has made their own. As expected of an 8-string, the body is a bit broader to handle the added two strings and the longer pickups. The neck is also crafted from premium materials, including curly maple for the back of the neck and African blackwood for the fingerboard. It has a longer scale length of 26.5″ and has a “wide thin” profile. It has a total of 24 frets and comes wrapped in curly maple binding to match the premium appeal of the body. Other aesthetic features of the neck include mother-of-pearl “J” birds with paua center inlays, and a matching African blackwood headstock veneer with curly maple binding.

Giving this guitar it’s ability to handle extended lows are Mark Holocomb’s signature pickups, the Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega, which are described as being snarling and aggressive tone, while maintaining clarity and articulation.

Each Custom 24 8-String guitar will come in Frostbite Glow finish, and will have a default tuning of F#, B, E, A, D, G, B, E to give you the same chord options and tonal range as Mark Holocomb’s own guitar.

For more information on the new PRS Private Stock Custom 24 8-String, you can head over to PRS Guitars.

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