Radial Headload Guitar Amp Attenuator & DI Box – Musikmesse 2015

Radial Engineering announces the availability of the full-featured amplifier attenuator and direct box, the Headload.

Radial Headload

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This guitar amp attenuator is designed to let you reduce the volume level of your amp while still driving your amp hard to get the tones you want without being too loud on the stage or in the studio.

Far from being an average guitar amp attenuator, the company equipped the Headload with a built Radial JDX Direct Box. This is the same JDX that is currently being used by big name artists that include Sting, Aerosmith, Radiohead, Megadeth, Rascal Flatts, and Evanescence, often used to remove the need for mic’ing guitar and bass amps.

Together with the 6-position voice switch, this guitar amp attenuator offers tone shaping via amp and cabinet emulation. Further sonic tweaking is provided for by the 2-band EQ for the low pass filter, which you can use to reduce the harsh harmonics of some amplifiers.

There are two JDX direct box outputs, which you can use for pre or post EQ configurations. This will let you control your stage or in-ear monitors to your preference, while sending a non-equalized tone to the FOH (front of house) mixer.

If you are looking to combine the direct feed from the Radial Headload with a mic’ed amp signal, you can utilize the built-in phase alignment tool called Phazer. This feature will let you mix and match the direct feed with the mic and get your desired sound on stage or in the studio. You can also utilize the Phazer feature for special equalization like Boston-type out-of-phase rhythm tones, or for creating a thick wall-of-sound. The guitar amp attenuator even comes with a second set of 1/4″ line outputs for connecting to additional stage amps or effects if needed.

Radial Headload

Radial President Peter Janis said, “With the proliferation of in-ear monitors, there has come a tremendous need for reducing sound pressure levels on stage. Outside of drums, the next biggest culprit is the guitar amplifier. To get tone, guitarists like to drive their amps hard. This is particularly true for smaller amps that sound great when pushed to the max. Having tried all kinds of load boxes – we have never been all that impressed with the ones currently on the market. Although they all reduce the sound level coming out of the amp, they fall short when it comes to producing a usable signal for the PA system. We felt that if we could leverage the incredible success we have enjoyed with the Radial JDX direct box and combine this with the Phazer phase adjustment tool, a new type of load box could be created. After a year of trial and error, we are pleased to announce the Headload – the culmination of our quest for great amp tone.”

The official description describes the Heatload as having a 100% discrete fan-cooled design with a series of high power cement-encrusted epoxy-coated copper coil resistors that dissipate the power generated by the amplifier. This dissipation is controlled by a 6-position Grayhill rotary switch along with a variable range control that allows incremental power reduction at low levels.

High and low resonance switches are also provided to compensate for sparkle or bottom end loss. For quiet recording or to bypass the speakers of your amp, you can turn off the power going to the speakers. Finally, a front-panel ΒΌ” headphone jack with level control will let you practice quietly while still driving your amps to your preference.

Note that having a guitar amp attenuator is not an excuse to abuse your tube amps by driving them for extended periods. So either you prepare replacement tubes or you drive your amp sparingly depending on your needs.

Radial builds the new Headload in their Canada facility, utilizing 14 gauge steel that measures 5.06″ tall, 7.44″ deep and 19.148″. The MAP for the the new Radial Headload is $899.99 and it comes with a 3 year transferrable warranty. For more information, visit Radial Engineering. The company will have their new products on display at the 2015 Musikmesse Hall 8, Stand E12.

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