Reverend Six Gun 2.5

Reverend Guitars introduces the Six Gun 2.5, a limited run electric guitar model that mixes Strat and Tele elements.

Reverend Six Gun 2.5

There are only 16 available Six Gun 2.5 guitars, 8 in Party Red finish, 4 in Chronic Blue and 4 in Cream finish.

Reverend is redesigning their Six Gun model, and these guitars are the actual prototypes, a sort of transition model between the current model and the new one.

In keeping with Reverend’s choice of body wood, the Six Gun 2.5 comes with a Korina body that is cut into a a double cutaway shape that retains traditional and familiar aesthetics while staying unique.

Some of the guitars available in this series come with maple fretboards, those that have cream finish are equipped with rosewood fretboards to aesthetically match the finish. Just like other Reverend instruments, this guitar comes with Pin-lock tuners, as well as the exclusive Reverend Bass Contour, which lets you fine tune the low frequencies, complementing the way that the tone control adjusts the highs.

Reverend Six Gun 2.5

This limited run series feature three single coil pickups that are mounted on the pickguard, with the Reverend Greasy T at the bridge and the Reverend Fat S pickups at the middle and neck positions. The pickups are wound slightly hotter to give you a classic sounding shimmer and twang, but with more body. For improved playability and convenience, the standard Reverend controls are currently three-in-line and mounted into the pickguard. Finally, all the guitars come with mint pickguards, better improving its look.

For details and pricing information, you can head over to Reverend Guitars.

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