Rockett Pedals introduces the Lemon Aid pedal

Rockett Pedals has released and is now shipping the second and long awaited design from the new Pro Series Line. The “Lemon Aid” is a very versatile frequency modifier/boost pedal that offers clean boost, treble boost and full boost. Each boost mode has a thick or thin setting along with an output cut.

The pedal offers 21 different voices and makes for an excellent lead boost. It offers a volume and tone control with no internal clipping. This is a unique circuit with a very unique sound with many applications including use as a very good acoustic guitar preamp. We also build them for bass players. All of our pedals are true bypass and very quiet circuits.

Function controls consist of:

– Volume

– Tone

– Full Boost

– Treble Boost

– Clean Boost

– Thick/Thin Switch

– Cut Switch

This is a Press Release

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