Rockready Volo Guitar Gig Bag

The Rockready Volo combines the protection that semi-hard cases offer with the comfort and convenience of gig bags.

Rockready Volo Guitar Gig Bag

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The company designed this gig bag to provide good and reliable protection, while at the same time carry multiple pockets for convenient organization of your accessories, And it does all this without being too heavy and bulky.

Rockready describes the Volo gig bag in three words – “rugged, durable and comfortable”, and to achieve this they took the best features of semi-hard cases and gig bags and combined it into a single package that offers the best of both worlds.

Instead of the usual soft exterior of regular gig bags, the Volo comes with a hard-wearing shell crafted using high-density impact resistant padding. This is basically the same exterior used on semi-hard cases, but not as bulky and rigid. Integrated ABS panels are also implemented along with a neck support to protect this vulnerable part of the instrument from unexpected drops and falls.

So in a nut shell, your guitar is protected like a semi-hard case on the inside of Volo, while the exterior is sturdy but still soft to the touch much like gig bags. Quite an interesting combination in my opinion, and while it may not have the same rigidity as actual hard / semi-hard cases, it should provide enough protection for the usual weekend gigs.

On top of protecting your instrument, the case is also designed to help you organize your gear, rehearsal items and other gadgets. Rockready added discreet and easy to reach pockets that you can use to store items that you need to quickly access, like keys and phones, and they are all secured by locking zippers.

Volo also comes with a detachable mini bag, that gives you even more pocket space for storing your micro pedalboards, stompboxes, cables and even for carrying around your recording gear like a laptop or tablet. Since it has a padded pocket, you won’t have to worry about scratching the screen or case of your laptop or tablet. Finally, you can use the mini-bag as a regular backpack when needed, since it easily attaches and detaches from the actual guitar case via four hook and loop attachment points.

For more convenient and comfortable walks to your gig venues, Rockready added padded shoulder straps and a trekking style chest clip. This way you can safely carry your instrument as you would a regular backpack. There’s even a D ring added for hanging the Volo when not in use. Rockready adds, “And the team knew from experience that lots of your travels would be at night, so they’ve designed a very stylish reflective piping that adds assurance for night-time safety“.

Both guitar and bass friendly versions of the Rockready Volo gig bag are scheduled for release soon, with a retail price of around $159 – for further details visit Get Rockready. Or if you need one for a small guitar then visit Parlor.Guitars.

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