Roland Cube-10GX Amplifier

Roland introduces the new Cube -10GX, a compact amp with COSM amp modeling and recording.

Roland Cube-10GX

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This 10 Watt combo amp features a custom-designed 8″ speaker and comes with the company’s latest COSM amp modeling technology and built-in effects.

By default, the new Cube 10GX has 3 COSM amp presets: Clean, Crunch and Lead. Instead of going with the trend of small amps having tons of amp models, Roland opted to for quality over quantity, leaving the amp with enough room for only 3 resource-heavy COSM presets. Thankfully, Roland thought of a way to conveniently replace the default presets with other COSM models via an app that works for both iOS and Android.

The app mentioned is called Cube Kit, a convenient amp customization software that will let you use your Android or iOS device to change the 3 COSM presets of the amp. It currently comes with 10 different COSM amps that cover a variety of musical style, from jazz to classic rock to high-gain metal. You can also plug-in your acoustic guitar and use the acoustic-electric guitar amp preset that is available.

Cube Kit is scheduled for release this month, and will be freely downloadable from both iTunes and GooglePlay.

Basic tone shaping controls are available, including basic EQ with Bass, Middle and Treble controls. Roland also equipped the new Cube 10GX with three effects that include chorus, delay and reverb. These effects are applied via a single intuitive knob, with the reverb section offering plate and retro spring variations for a wide range of sound.

Checkout the various guitar tones for yourself:

Like most modern practice amps, Roland equipped this amp with buit-in recording and jamming capabilities. A Rec Out/Phones jack is provided for quiet practice and for recording. Plugging into the Rec Out/Phones jack mutes the onboard speaker and provides a direct output with COSM speaker modeling. The Aux In jack allows you to plug-in your smart phone, tablet and other music players so you can jam with your favorite tracks.

Finally, all these features are packed inside Roland’s tried and tested Cube construction, which according to the company “provides sound quality and durability that far exceeds other amps in its class, with rigid cabinetry, heavy-duty corner protectors and more.”

For more information and other details, you can head over to Roland.

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