Schecter TSH-1 Classic

The TSH-1 Classic is a part of Schecter’s new 2013 models, featuring a retro look that contrasts their usual super-strats.

Schecter TSH-1 Classic
Dual Lipstick Humbuckers

This guitar follows up on the success of the original TSH-1, featuring a distinctive combination of a semi-hollow body and dual lipstick humbuckers.

The TSH-1 is first and foremost a great looking instrument. Schecter did a commendable job of turning the familiar ES-335 body shape into something that is quite unique, just by altering the lower cutaway and employing a great looking pickguard scheme.

The semi-hollow body is made of maple, and features a great looking creme binding on both the back and front side. It features a 3-pc maple neck topped by a rosewood fretboard. According to Schecter this neck helps in producing richer fundamentals because the stray overtones are absorbed into the oily pores of rosewood. More eye candies are provided by the mother of pearl block inlays along its 22 jumbo frets.

The head just like the body come in vintage natural burst finish, and it is equipped with Grover Rotomatic 18:1 ratio tuners. The shape of the head is also quite distinctive, and completes the overall retro and elegant look of the TSH-1 Classic.

To ensure that this guitar is not labeled as an average semi-hollow body clone, it comes equipped with a pair of Dual Lipstick Humbuckers. These pickps are pleasing to both the eyes and the ears, covering a variety of tones from bangle to jangle with a flick of a switch. Schecter described the pickups in detail: “In humbucking mode, the pickup has a nice midrange punch similar to a Filtertron and a trebly bite like a hot Tele pickup retaining its clarity. When split in Single coil mode the pickup has that classic Lipstick clean jangle tone. The coils are turned around Anico V bar magnets and installed in metal lipstick covers just like the originals then mounted on a Humbucker baseplate”.

Schecter TSH-1 Classic

Rounding off its features is a TonePros bridge paired with a great looking and functional Schecter Vintage “S” Tailpiece. It is designed to efficiently transfer the string vibration to the semi-hollow body while having a unique and classic appeal.

The Schecter TSH-1 Classic is now available with an MSRP of $929. You can find out more about this cool instrument by visiting Schecter Guitars.

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