Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature from Schecter

Schecter unveiled the Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature, featuring Syn’s Sustainiac System, available worldwide in January of 2012.

Synyster Gates Custom-S

This model will feature the same Syn custom features, including the distinctive Pin Strips graphics on the body, Floyd Rose Original 1000 Locking Tremolo and a Custom Seymour Duncan Syn Invader humbucker in the bridge. The new addition to this guitar is what Syn refers to as his secret weapon, the Sustainiac System.

The Sustainiac system, when switched on, turns the seemingly harmless neck humbucker pickup into a Sustainiac Driver. The pickup signal is processed by the Sustainiac circuit, which is then connected to the Sustainiac Driver. The Driver then transforms the amplified note into vibration energy which is then used to drive the strings.

It automatically engages the bridge pickup, and starts driving the strings to produce infinite feedback and sustain via electromagnetic feedback.

Turning on the Sustainiac system is equivalent to playing your guitar in front of a very loud Amp, producing heavy sustain.

Synyster Gates Custom-S

With the Sustainiac, you get three types of sustain which is controllable by a three way switch. The Normal Sustain mode will make your strings vibrate to ring natural fundamental notes. Mix mode will yield a blend of fundamentals and other harmonics, notes below the 12th fret will mostly meld into 2nd or 3rd harmonics. The Harmonic mode on the other hand will yield screaming harmonics of sustained high 5ths and 7ths.

The Synyster Gates Custom-S has mahogany written all over it. It uses a Mahogany ‘Avenger’ body with set-in 25.5” scale 3 pc mahogany neck. You can run your fingers through the 24 fret Ebony finger board that is designed with the custom SYN and Death Bat inlays. The guitar also features a Grover Rotomatics tuner with the high 18:1 gear ratio designed for finer tuning and improved stability. Other features that round up the guitar are the basic 3 way toggle switches and the black hardware to match the overall look.

Good news for left handed players, you can avail of a Lefty version of the Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature.

Current manufacturer suggested price is $1,649, This guitar is scheduled to be available at all Schecter retailers come January of 2012.

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1 thought on “Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature from Schecter”

  1. OMG!! i want that guitar! He

    OMG!! i want that guitar! He is MY idol! i am only 12 and it is my dream to be a girl version of syn when i grow up!!!
    He is inspirational to me and i wish he knew just how much his fans (especially me) love him!!!

    We love you syn!! and ur guitar! xxx
    Avenged sevenfold fan xx (tia hudson)

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