SN-10 Pedal Tuner from Snark

Snark, known for their clip on tuners and metronomes, have released their first floor pedal unit, the Snark SN10 Tuner.

SN-10 Pedal Tuner

The Snark SN10 packs the same features that made their clip on tuners popular into a unique looking pedal.

The most important feature that made Snark’s clip on tuners popular is its bright and clear display. This is faithfully carried over into the design of the SN10 pedal. The pedal is designed to give you good visual feedback regardless of available light.

Another feature that the SN10 tuner pedal inherited from its clip-on predecessors is fast pitch tracking. This makes tuning easy and allows you to quickly check on your tuning during rests and breaks.

For hassle free integration into your rig, the Snark SN-10 comes with a mute output jack and feature 9V power i/o sockets which can power another 9V pedal. You don’t have to worry about the pedal affecting your tone because it comes with modern true-bypass circuitry.

Other important tuner features include full chromatic tuning capability and pitch calibration from 415 to 466Hz. This tuner is housed in a die-cast metal case that attaches easily into pedalboards. They even come with a set of stick-on feet for non-slip performance.

Snark SN-10 is currently being sold for $59. You can head over to Snark Tuners for more information.

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