Soundblox 2 OFD Guitar microModeler

Source Audio introduces the Soundblox 2 OFD Guitar microModeler pedal, featuring a collection of O.F.D. effects – Overdrive, Fuzz and Distortion.

OFD Guitar microModeler

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This compact pedal features multiple distortion effect types that cover everything from vintage to modern, carefully modeled from sought-after amps and stompboxes.

The pedal comes in a unique and compact design, following the look of other Source Audio products. The front panel does not look intimidating, with a set of knobs, buttons and lights that provide easy operation and visualization of settings. The most prominent knob is the one in the center, which lets you pick the type of drive you will apply to your guitar signal. Each effect type is accompanied by a light that lets you easily monitor your settings.

The knob lets you pick between the various models that the pedal offer, including 12 vintage tones modeled from selected amps (Marshall and Mesa Boogie), and effects ( EHX Big Muff Pi, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Pro Co Rat, Fuzz Face, Tone Bender and Octavia).

Modern high-gain tones are also available first of which is the super saturated Metal, another one called Gated Fuzz provides dirty spitting fuzz, and finally the pedal features a proprietary drive type called Crunch Tube, which provides extra aggressive tube overdrive sounds.

According to Source Audio, the models included in this multi-effects pedal were designed to provide “precise and naturally responsive tones, from warm and chunky tube overdrive to over-the-top fuzz.”

The other knobs provide tone shaping options, namely Drive, Voice, Tone and Output. 3-band tone control is provided for via a small button that lets you sculpt the three basic frequencies – treble, mid and bass. The other button will let you set the noise gate level.

Here is the official video demo of the OFD Guitar microModeler:

A gig worthy cast-aluminum casing keeps all the components safe and secure. It comes with basic connectivity for guitar input and output and a 9V adaptor, while two extra “multi-function” ports lets you connect expression pedals and MIDI capable devices.

The new OFD Guitar microModeler is now available with a tag price of $169. You can go to Source Audio for more information.

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