Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded

Suhr updates the design of the Koko Boost pedal, now made smaller and with more sonic versatility.

Suhr Koko Boost

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The Koko Boost Reloaded pedal is said to be the result of a long process of modifications and tests done on the original circuit, featuring Suhr’s proprietary Multi-Function mf(x) switching technology.

The original Koko Boost pedal, which was first shipped in May of 2009, had a bigger profile to carry the two switches for the two boost modes it carries. The first mode is the transparent clean boost, while the other mode is a selectable midrange boost that players can use on top of their dirt pedals or to further drive their tube amps.

The new Reloaded version of Koko Boost carries the same circuit but packs it in a smaller footprint with just one foot switch. Suhr was able to ditch the second switch via the their Multi-Function switch, which functions as both the on-off switch and mode switcher.

By holding down the switch, you can change between the pedal’s Clean and Mid boost modes, and it conveniently saves the mode you are using to load it up the next time you use the pedal.

Interestingly, Suhr was able to expand the features of the pedal while shrinking its physical size. They re-voiced the pedal by equipping it with a 3-position frequency switch that according to the brand provides “greater versatility and emphasized upper mid frequencies for a sweeter more cutting tone.”

They provided the following details about the 3-position frequency switch:

  • Left (Mids): Full and Smooth, tuned specifically to bring out your guitars natural midrange characteristics.

  • Middle (High Mids): Clear and articulate, voiced to cut through a mix for solo playing.

  • Right (Low Mids): Fat and Creamy, excellent for thickening up rhythm and lead tones.

Finally, Koko Boost Reloaded has +6dB more gain compared to the original, this allows for increased harmonics and sustain. The MSRP is $200, more information is available at Suhr.

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