T-Rex Gull Wah, Hobo Drive, and other effects at NAMM 2012

T-Rex will be showcasing their latest effects via musical presentations at the coming NAMM 2012, featuring the Hobo Drive, Gull Wah and ToneBug Effects.

To better answer your inquiries about their products, the development/technical team of Sebastian and Lars will be present at the T-Rex booth in NAMM 2012.

From January 19 to 22, at booth 4242 Hall C, you can stop by and chat with the T-Rex team and sample their latest pedal offerings. You will also get a chance to meet celebrity musicians that support T-Rex including: Carl Verheyen, Michael Angelo, Greg Koch and Korel Tunador among others. There will also be various musical presentations which will be announced at their booth on the first day of NAMM.

Here is the list of effects that will be prominently featured by T-Rex:

Gull Wah

Gull Wah

– 3 pedals in one with 2 distinct wah sounds

– Dual-filter yoy-yoy effect

– Controls: Pedal, Mode, Slope Boost and Hotspot

– Slope Knob for changing character of wah or yoy

– Hotspot button for creating alternative tonal response

– Booster function

– Retail Price: $249

Hobo Drive

Hobo Drive

– Acts like a real pre-amp

– Flexible Overdrive

– Pre/Post switch – boosts the signal even before it hits the pre-amp

– Tweakable boost section for soloing and extra gain

– Controls: On/OFF, Pre-Amp, Master, Tone, Boost button, Boost knob, Pre/Post switch

– Retail Price: $279



– Four featured ToneBugs: Fuzz ($99), Totenschläger ($99), Sensewah ($149) and Booster ($99)

Fuzz gives you high gain distortion with Fuzz, Level and Tone controls

Totenschläger gives you a unique distortion sound with Level, Gain and Graphic EQ parameters

SenseWah lets you switch between automatic Wah-Wah and Yoy-Yoy with Sense and Range Knobs

Booster gives you 20db clean boost with tone shaping controls – Scoop and Boost

– Reliable, sturdy and heavy duty design

For detailed specifications about these and other T-Rex products, you can visit their stall at NAMM 2012 or check their website.

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