Taylor Fall 2014 Limited Edition 700 Series Guitars

Taylor Guitars unveil the 2014 Fall Limited Edition 700 Series Guitars featuring exotic blackheart sassafras wood.


Three new 700 Series guitars join this year’s limited fall series, and just like the previous years, they feature exotic wood that will only be available for a limited time. .

The three limited edition 700 Series guitars lead the special collection, a Grand Concert 712e-12-Fret FLTD, Grand Auditorium 714ce-FLTD, and Grand Orchestra 718e-FLTD – all three feature rare blackheart sassafras This Tasmania sourced tonewood is known for its wild complexion, carrying an intense mix of blond color with dark and dramatic striping.

This special tone wood is taken from a dense, slow-growing hardwood tree. It is called blackheart because of its exotic dark stripes, which are said to be caused by fungus that form in the heartwood of the three. The official description says, “sassafras’s tonal properties give it a truly unique sonic personality compared to other tonewoods. Players can expect a tone that blends warmth with a clear top end, producing strong focus and projection.”

Taylor’s Andy Powers further elaborates on the sassafras tonewood, “It’s got some of the dry, woody response of walnut or mahogany, with some of the note separation and focus of maple or myrtle, with a more articulated high-end overtone series like rosewood. In other words, it has a chime and breathiness up top, while also being really focused, and the low end has a warm dryness to it. Depending on the player, a person might bring out more of a mahogany sound, or rosewood, maple, walnut or something else,” Andy explains. I think this will be really appealing to players.”

This special wood is used for the back and sides, and paired with conventional Sitka spruce top. Supporting the guitar’s top is Taylor’s Advanced Performance bracing and the use of protein glue, which according to the company, works together to boost the warmth and projection of the instrument.

Complementing the striking appearance of sassafras wood are premium appointments that include Indian rosewood binding and backstrap rosewood top trim, an abalone rosette, and mother-of-pearl Heritage Diamond fretboard inlays. For plugging in, the three limited edition models come with the company’s latest pickup and preamp, the Expression System 2.

Finally, these guitars come bundled with a hardshell case. The price range for the three models is currently ranging from $3000 – $3,250. For more information, you can head over to Taylor Guitars.

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