TC Electronic announces RS112 Bass Cabinet

TC Electronic's brand new RS112 cabinet is a new high quality yet extremely compact addition to the RS range. Delivering all the tone musicians have come to expect from TC yet in a much smaller footprint, RS112 packs a punch when it needs to despite its diminutive size.

How is this possible? As with all RS cabs in the range, the driver and tweeter (with rear HF adjustment that allows players to tailor the tone just how they want it) have been custom designed by Eminence to offer the maximum possible power and quality. RS112's 12″ driver and 1″ tweeter deliver 200Watts of pure power, making them the perfect combination to deliver full tone and big sound wherever space is limited.

For smaller gigs RS112 is the ideal standalone cabinet. But because it maintains the RS range 'stackability concept', it can also easily slot in with other RS cabinets in the range to scale up the system, whatever the live situation. And with its compact and lightweight design, plus a rugged finish suited to a hard life on the road, the cab's portability is another obvious attraction. Weighing in at just 30 lbs and with a top-placed handle for easy transportation, this is virtually a 'grab 'n' go cab for any gig! So that's a big sound in a compact and rugged package — TC Electronic's RS112 really does punch above its weight on every level.


– Quality, powerful sound: the Eminence 12″ and coaxial-placed 1″ driver combination secures fast response and punch while the rear cabinet vent adds the final touch to the ultra-low end reproduction.

– Stackable and portable: as well as being easy to carry, RS112 maintains the RS range's 'stackability' concept. All cabinets in the range may be stacked together in various combinations. The RS112, for example, fits perfectly under an RS210, making an ideal combination for small- to medium-sized gigs.

– Connectivity: RS112 features two high quality Speakon connectors as well as a heavy duty HF attenuator on the rear side.

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