Introducing the new V-Pick Traditon Guitar Pick

Many artists have contacted us asking “Can you make a guitar pick with the traditional shape and size, and still have that V-Pick sound and gripping action?” Well, here it is! The V-Pick Tradition! The same size and shape of a regular guitar pick that we all grew up with. Only this pick adds a bit of a twist to that old formula. You will not drop this guitar pick due to the V-Pick “grippage” that you have heard so much about. They will cling to your fingers when your body temperature warms up the pick! They also give you much more volume than a regular pick. A great sounding tight bottom end, a huge mid range, and a beautiful, singing high end. Much like a human voice. This pick has a lot to offer, indeed!

The new V-Pick Tradition is available in three thicknesses. Ultra lites @ 0.8mm, Lites @ 1.5mm, and Regular @ 2.75mm. So, for all of you players out there that are very fussy about your guitar picks, and those of you that just can't change your ways, this pick is perfect for you.

Robben Ford once told Vinny Smith while referring to changing his pick style, “Vinni, I am an old dog, man”. Vinny can't wait for Robben to try his new guitar pick!

So whether you are an old dog or a young dog, V-Picks think you will be blown away by this new series of V-Picks.

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