Introducing The GripClip

The GripClip prevents the inadvertent unplugging of guitars, basses, and other strap-worn instruments. For generations, players have addressed this problem by looping their cables around the junction of their strap and strap button. This practice reduces the likelihood of accidentally unplugging the instrument, but does little to reduce stresses on input jacks and inevitably leads to kinked cables.

The GripClip functions in a way familiar to guitar players, yet eliminates the possibility of kinking. By clipping upon the strap behind the player's back, the GripClip produces a wide gentle loop which reduces stress on both the strap and input jack, while simultaneously reducing and protecting against the likelihood of a stepped-on or snagged cable. The cable itself is attached to the GripClip via a snap-in channel sized to accommodate all popular instrument cables. Designed for guitar players by guitar players, the GripClip fits seamlessly into any player's routine.

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