Two new limited edition Hand Wound Pickups added to BG Pups lineup

BG Pups Handwound Pickups and Bryan Gunsher has announced the addition of the BG Bucker Clear Top and MM90 “Mean Green” to the lineup. The BG Bucker Clear Top set is wound like a stock set of BG Buckers but they are wound on 2 NOS clear T-Top bobbins from the 70s and 80s. Also this set uses 2 A4 magnets specifically tuned for this set. This set has great vintage tones with a touch less highs in the bridge than the stock BG Buckers and the neck has touch more highs. The bridge has a nice crunchy bite to it. The neck is buttery while still retaining highs.

The MM90 “Mean Green” is a direct replacement pickup for the new Gibson '59 Melody Maker Reissue. This pickup also uses the same bobbin as the BG Bucker Clear Top but uses 2 C8 magnets, gold pole screws and wound with BG Pup's new “Mean Green” wire. This wire is a heavy build and creates a nice grindy type of tone which matches great with the new '59 Melody Maker Re-issues

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