TC Electronic Spark Booster

The Spark Booster from TC Electronic is 26dB boost pedal with tone shaping and highlighting options.

Spark Booster

TC Electronic rounds off their line of compact overdrive and distortion pedals with the Spark Booster, a salute to the classic Booster + Line Driver & Distortion pedal.

The Spark Booster’s 26 dB of boost makes it a nifty tool for enhancing existing sounds and for highlighting lead and rhythm work.

Aside from the typical booster function, Spark Booster gives you subtle tonal shaping options with its active bass and treble EQ knobs that allow you to shape the boosted signal. By tweaking the knobs you can extend the lower register or add top-end sparkle to your solo parts.

The pedal also comes with a Gain knob that lets you add saturation and compression. A Mid-boost switch affords you with even more mix-cutting clarity in the noisiest band scenarios.

When engaged, Spark Booster injects punch, warmth and body to your signal and it drives your amps to peak performance. When disengaged it features true bypass for better transparency and tonal integrity.

Here is a quick video demonstration of the Spark Booster:

Toe Mogensen, Product Manager at TC Electronic was quoted saying: “Spark Booster is the epitome of what we tried to contribute to the guitar community with drive sounds, after Dark Matter Distortion, Röttweiler Distortion and MojoMojo Overdrive were met with runaway success, we really wanted to round out our efforts in compact drive-effects with a bang. We are an innovative company and hate looking back, but there was no denying that the classic TC Electronic Booster + Line Driver & Distortion would have to be a source of inspiration. From seasoned pros like Scott Ian and Allan Holdsworth to dedicated hobbyists, there are just so many guitarists out there who absolutely love that pedal, but crave modern features and sounds. And so we decided to not go for simply a reissue or something like it, but more of a modern take on what made the Booster + Line Driver & Distortion so special. That result is Spark Booster, and I simply could not be more proud of what we’ve achieved.”

Spark Booster is now available and is currently priced at $129.

More information about Spark Booster is available from its manufacture – TC Electronic.

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