TC Helicon Play Acoustic

TC-Helicon introduces Play Acoustic, a vocal processor with built-in effects for acoustic guitar.


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This compact multi-effects pedal provides various vocal effects, smart vocal harmonies and TC-Electronics effects for guitar.

As expected, the new Play Acoustic pedal comes packed with TC-Helicon’s popular vocal effects. It comes with reverbs, delays, modulations, hard tuning, doubles, vocal harmonies and even distortion designed for voice.

According to the company, they have improved the portamento and humanization of the harmony effects. This means more realistic sounding harmonies are available by simply stepping on a pedal switch.

One nifty feature of Play Acoustic is its smart harmony technology, where-in you won’t have to set the key before using. It analyzes your guitar playing and automatically creates harmonies based on the guitar chords you were playing.

Being designed for acoustic guitar, TC-Helicon equipped this processor with “BodyRez”, which applies emulated wood resonance to the sound of acoustic-electrics guitars to help make them sound more acoustic. According to the official press release, “Carefully placed filters and fast acting compression combine to reduce “piezo-quack”, making the guitar sound like the beautiful full-bodied instrument it is. Dial in as much or as little BodyRez as needed and use the handy EQ controls to fine-tune the dynamics of the sound.”

Complimenting BodyRez are two popular TC-Electronic guitar pedals, Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus. You can apply them to your guitar sound whichever way you like to, be it to create ambient textures or to add subtle shimmer to your acoustic guitar tone. Play Acoustic also comes with USB connectivity for direct recording, and it has a built-in looper.

The unit has a direct Guitar DI output for connecting to a PA, along with separate mono XLR outputs for Vocals and XLR mics. This makes the sound of both the vocals and guitar easier to tame and mix in live settings.


  • Professional Vocal Effects and Tone with natural sounding Vocal Harmonies guided by your guitar
  • Guitar FX styles from TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus pedals
  • BodyRez filtering and onboard EQ and DI for impeccable acoustic guitar tone
  • Guitar feedback-proofing with notch filter and phase controls
  • Separate vocal and guitar outputs, or a stereo mix of both

The new TC-Helicon Play Acoustic pedal is expected to start shipping this June, with a retail price of just under $300. Head over to TC Helicon for more information.

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