The Modes from Lick Library

The Modes from Lick Library is a 7 DVD guitar lesson series featuring tracks and lessons in the style of Slash, Van Halen, Vai, Satriani, Santana, Malmsteen and Schenker.

The Modes, a DVD series created by Danny Gil focus on it’s namesake, The Modes of the Major Scale.

It has been used for centuries as a compositional and improvisational tool, and since most guitarists are stuck with the basic scales like pentatonic, this is a great opportunity for you to get out of your familiar box and grasp music and guitar playing in a more advanced level.

This DVD series will help you learn each of the 7 modes in a concise and step by step manner. It will give you a better understanding of music structure, and how your guitar playing will fit in this important and delicate structure.

This DVD set will help you compose, improvise, and utilize your other music potentials. To help you enjoy the learning, the lessons are presented in such a way that it presents the modes as used by familiar big name guitar players. So you don’t just learn the Modes, you also learn to play in the style of the great guitarists that were represented on the DVDs.

Here are the 7 Modes and the corresponding artis style represented.

  • Ionian Mode – Slash
  • Dorian Mode – Santana
  • Phrygian – Malmsteem
  • Lydian Mode – Steve Vai.
  • Mixolydian Mode – Van Halen
  • Aeolian Mode – Michael Schenker
  • Locrian Mode – Joe Satriani.

Guitar Teacher Danny Gil will be our tour guide as we travel across the uncharted realms of Modal Scales.

You can purchase “The Modes” series 7 DVD bundle for £94.99 to get £20 savings, or you can get the individual DVDs of your choice for £16.99.

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