The Noel Redding Interview Experience DVD

Jimi Hendrix died. But before he died, he had a band called the Jimi Hendrix Experience which had a bass player by the name of Noel Redding.

Noel Redding died. But before he died in 2003 he recorded an interview in 1988 which is now the basis for a new DVD by the name of “The Redding Experience”.

Regular readers will recall that last year we ran a couple of articles on this upcoming DVD as the producers were marketing it by reigniting the Jimi Hendrix murder conspiracy theory – the original stories are:

Jimi Hendrix Conspiracy Theory?

Jimi Hendrix Conspiracy Theory – Follow Up

I haven’t seen the film so I can’t recommend it, but I’m mentioning it’s release because I know there are many fans who might like to see it – for now all we have is this short promo clip.

The promotional email I received didn’t say where you can buy the DVD, it just said it’s available from various outlets. I did a quick search and found it available at for £6.99.

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4 thoughts on “The Noel Redding Interview Experience DVD”


    I found the following whilst surfing the web.

    There is yet `another` Noel Redding Experience
    dvd being released in 2012.

    A new dvd with bonus footage?

    I`ve been trying to find out more info` on this, but
    when you try and find out any info` all you`ll find
    is that every Tom, Dick or Harry are all selling this
    dvd ranging from $3 up to £120 on ebay.

    I`ve never seen so many different prices for any
    dvd in my life!

    Now, a new one is going to be released.
    A new one!, how much is this one going to be?

    Who the hell will buy `this` one when a new one
    is being released with this extra `bonus` footage.

    I`ve emailed this guy Barry Levene and he has
    promised to get back to me on this.

    I would appreciate your comments.

    I`ll keep you posted

  2. Beware Noel Redding

    Anybody in the business back then knew that Noel was a total sourpuss, against practically everything Hendrix ever did, and eventually had to be put out of the band. I can garauntee you that most of anything said by Redding is a lie, because I checked his “facts” long ago. There is no point in spending a nickel on any of this, since what you’ll hear from him will be mainly BS. No joke — and you’ve been warned.

    1. Noel Redding
      Barry Levene

      I read Telenator’s letter with interest and could not help but wonder if he actually watched and listened to the interview? Noel covers a wide range of subjects and when it comes to Hendrix he has nothing but praise for him.

      Telenator guarantee’s that most of anything said by Redding is a lie and he was total sourpuss. This interview has never before been seen and has intrinsic value for many reasons and not just to Hendrix fans. What is Noel lying about? Telenator states that “facts” were checked out long ago – what facts? – I hope that the findings will be made public. We have been warned not to spend a nickel on any of this as what you will hear will mainly be BS !!! – thanks for the advice, but I would like to feel we are old enough to reach our own conclusion.

      Myself and producer Will Scally were in the business back then and it was due to this genuine friendship with Noel that the interview came about. I can only guess Telenator was on the scene and knew Noel well enough to form an opinion of him. Maybe the Redding Experience should be retitled the “Telenator Experience” so
      Telenator can talk about his time with Jimi Hendrix !!! It would be interesting to compare the two and see where the BS is coming from.

    2. More info please

      Can you supply more information? Are there any particular claims made by Noel Redding that you have evidence to show are wrong? I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be interested in this.

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