Warwick Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass

Warwick celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special limited edition bass guitar – the Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass.

Warwick Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass

In preparation for their upcoming 30th anniversary on September 13, 2012, Warwick creates a special bass that represents their soul and commitment.

The Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass is a replica of one of the earliest bass that Warwick built. They took the measurements and wiring schematics of the original 1984 instrument and used it as basis for the limited edition bass.

This special instruments require extra special tonewoods, and so Warwick used US cherry wood for the body that was left to dry for more than 25 years. These wood chunks were stored in the former Warwick headquarters in Bavaria and are now set to be a part of the 30th Anniversary Bass.

The bass carries the usual unique shape and attention to detail that Warwick is known for. It features a neck-through construction, with a natural oil finish and a flat wenge neck with 3mm cherry stripes made especially for this bass.

Warwick Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass

The fretboard is made of wenge and has abalone dots. Other features include Just-A-Nut III brass nut, Warwick two-piece bridge and Warwick Security Locks and tuners – providing flexible control over intonation and string alignment.

The electronics installed are based on the original Streamer Bass which combine EMG P/J pickups with a replica of the active 2-band MEC electronics from 1984 (Volume (without a push-pull feature) + Balance +Treble + Bass).

Here is a cool video that features the Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass:

If you want to own one of these elegant babies, you’ll have to be able to pay its luxurious price of $9,299.99.

The world will only see 75 pieces of the Streamer LTD 2012 30th Anniversary Bass. For more information, you can visit Warwick.

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