Who the Hell is Dan Bruder & the Gibson Guitar Giveaway Contest

Premiere Publishing Group is pleased to announce that it has secured an alliance with Gibson Guitar Corp. as the supplier for what will now be a “Gibson Guitar Giveaway Contest” through its “Who the Hell is Dan Bruder” rock comedy web series. The contest will be international in scope and reach potentially millions of people worldwide who have a passion for comedy and a love for playing guitar.

Viewers will simply go to the www.myboldtv.com website, sign up and automatically become eligible to win. This exemplifies Bold Acquisition Group's commitment to create and launch innovative embedded branding and cross-marketing initiatives to promote the website and attain additional sponsorships and advertisers.

Creative Director for www.myboldtv.com Dan Bruder stated, “For the second time in as many months, 'Who the Hell is Dan Bruder,' has exclusively debuted new episodes of the rock comedy web television series to the 15 million viewers of www.relix.com. The strategy of premiering new episodes on relix and directing traffic back to www.myboldtv.com is proving to be successful with consistent, significant increases in traffic to our site. We value our working relationship with relix and look forward to exploring continued ways to work with them and other well-established links to massive amounts of traffic.”

CEO Omar Barrientos stated, “We are delighted with the traction and successes we are seeing with our Bold TV Corp. division. We look forward to our continued success and coupled with our acquisition team's expertise, look forward to building out our Bold Acquisition Corp., Inc. subsidiary in an aggressive manner over the next several years.”

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