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We have looked at the most popular, top rated, and top selling cables, to help you find the best guitar cable for your situation.

Vox Vintage Coil Guitar Cable

To help you keep your sanity, we have first listed down some simple points to look out for when buying a guitar cable. First two things to look at is the guitar cable's durability and shielding. This is where cheap cables usually fail, but don't get too hyped up on expensive cables either. You want to inspect the quality of the connectors and cables and verify if the shielding is appropriate.

Next thing to look out for is the cable's length and capacitance. If you move around during gigs then you will need a longer cable, if not then get a shorter cable. Shorter cables allow your signal to travel a shorter distance, which equates to lower capacitance that provides better signal transparency. Lower capacitance will keep your cable from loosing high frequencies.

If you are looking for a vintage, analog tone ala Hendrix, then a cable with higher capacitance such as coiled or cheap or even a longer cable becomes a viable option. And don't worry too much about capacitance if you are using active pickups, because they act as a mini power amp that drives the signal.

George L's Prepackaged .155 Cable

George L's cables is a popular lightweight cable, this prepackaged version comes with stress relief jackets. Each color represents different types of plugs: nickel, unplated brass and gold. This could arguably be the best guitar cable in terms of clear tone, as tone masters like Eric Johnson would swear. However, it may not appear to be sturdy enough for regular gigs, which is why George L is mostly used in studios or as patch cables. You can check George L's Store for other cable options.
Online Retail Price Range: $33.90 | Get the latest price & reviews at

DiMarzio Overbraid Instrument Cable

DiMarzio designed this affordable cable to match the best guitar cables in town. The sturdy overbraid cover decreases tangling and allowed the cable to withstand various torture tests, outclassing expensive cables. It doesn't use StarTrek technology shielding but it does get the job done. And it also honestly shows its capacitance at a low rating of 33.27 pF/ft, again exceeding expectations for its price range. Do check out the cable product page at DiMarzio.
Online Retail Price Range: $24.95 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Lava Magma Instrument Cable
Lava Magma Instrument Cable

Lava Magma Instrument Cable

The Magma series is designed to provide the basic cable essentials which are transparency, shielding and durability at an affordable price range. It is equipped with G&H Show Savers pure copper plugs, and has a 93% spiral shielding. Transparent signal is ensured with its 29.5 pF/ft (picofarads per foot) low capacitance, and it is among the few honest guitar cables that actually show capacitance rating on their product description. For details, visit Lava Cable.
Online Retail Price Range: $22.95

Whirlwind Leader Instrument Cable

The Whirlwind Leader Instrument Cable is a rugged electric guitar cable built for the road. While others focused on frequency nuances that at times can no longer be perceived, Whirlwind focused on enhancing durability. While retaining essential shielding and low capacitance, Whirlwind claims to have made this cable practically indestructible. It sports a unique cable grip that absorbs any typical straining that cables encounter. Check these tank tough cables at Whirlwind USA.
Online Retail Price Range: $13.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Monster Cable Monster Rock Angled
Monster Rock Angled

Monster Rock Angled Instrument Cable

The Monster Rock Cable's official description has all sorts of hi-tech mambo jumbo: Patented time correct windings, extra-flexible Duraflex and IsoTec vibration isolation just to name a few. It also ridiculously claims to "enhance" tone when cables are meant to transfer with zero coloration. Still, this cable is a popular pick, and when you take away all the marketing lingo - you will find that the Monster Rock is a sturdy and transparent electric guitar cable.
Online Retail Price Range: $29.95

Live Wire Advantage Series Instrument Cable

The Live Wire Advantage Series is a top seller cable, primarily because it is cheap. And with cheap cables, it's a hit or miss in terms of quality and durability, well mostly miss. The good thing about this cable is that it is reasonably sturdy and the generic looking plugs are easy to maintain. If you are on a tight budget and you can can do maintenance soldering work on your cables, then this is a viable option. Check out other affordable electric guitar cables at Live Wire USA.
Online Retail Price Range: $8 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Mogami Gold Instrument Cable

The Mogami brand is another high end cable that many guitar players prefer to use. It is designed with low coloration in mind, letting your tone through as transparent as possible. The Carbon-impregnated PVC shielding on Mogami is also highly rated by many musicians. The price is a bit steep, but it's the price you pay for having the peace of mind that your cable will not let you down. More info is available at Mogami's official site.
Online Retail Price Range: $45.00 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Vox Vintage Coil Guitar Cable

The Vox Vintage Coil Guitar Cable is a popular choice for coiled cable enthusiasts. Having been used by Hendrix, it's no surprise that players up to now are still looking for coiled guitar cables. Its unique look by itself is enough for some to consider having one. The coils allow your audio signal to travel longer, which means losing some top end, but it gives your tone a vintage twist which works well with guitars that have sharp top end. For more information, visit Vox Amps.
Online Retail Price Range: $34.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

If you haven't found the best cable for you above, then check out this guitar cable comparison at

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Nice Collection of Cables

This is a nice collection of cables. Great variety. The vox coiled cables are pretty dang cool.

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