Best Phaser Pedal

We present you with the Best Phaser Pedal, along with some impressive contenders to help you add soulful phasing to your tone.


Whether you want to add high end shimmer, introduce warbly soul to your arpeggios or let your fast riffs fly with a jet plane swoosh, the humble Phaser pedal is up for the job. Our selection includes currently available phase effect pedals that have satisfied many guitar players.

MXR Phase 90

MXR Phase 90

It may not be surprising to you that the MXR Phase 90 gets our pick as the Best Phaser Pedal, and the reason is simple - it continues to be one of the most prominent phaser pedals since it was introduced back in 1972. It's simplicity and affordability helped make it the go-to phaser for artists and hobbyists alike, and it still is the standard that other manufacturers measure up to. The MXR M101 Phase 90 pedal gives you the same classic phasing sound with variable speed control at an affordable price range. Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop MXR - they also topped our list of the best Wah Pedals | Retail Price: $79.99 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

Moog Moogerfooger MF-103

Moog MF-103

The Moogerfooger MF-103 is a full featured pedal with a versatile 6 or 12 stage phaser circuit design. It also comes with LFO and sweep functions that gives you a variety of phase effect sounds that will work with all sorts of instruments including keyboards and bass. The MF-103 features deep but intuitive controls that will help you create unique sonic textures. As usual, features and flexibility come with a hefty price tag, but those who can afford the MF-103 will be rewarded with a great looking and sounding pedal. Manufacturer: Moog | Retail Price: $299 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

Keeley Electronics Phaser

Keeley Phaser

The Keeley Phaser stands as a good example as to why this "boutique" brand has become successful. It has a 6-stage analog circuit that applies a more organic effect to your sound. It has Tap-tempo control which lets you adjust the speed of the effect to the rhythm of what you are playing, and has a nifty ramp knob that that lets you merge two different speeds seamlessly instead of abruptly. Many rave its "quiet" and clean operation, which helped ensure its spot among our top phaser pedals. Manufacturer: Keeley Electronics | Retail Price: $249 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

Pigtronix EP2 Envelope Phaser

Pigtronix EP2 Envelope Phaser

The Pigtronix Phaser is probably the most complicated among the pedals featured, which can be good or bad, depending on the user. It features controls and parameters that may seem unnecessary for some, but necessary for those who want total control and out of this world phase sounds. The EP2 can provide accentuating and sweeping phase sounds with its auto-triggering envelope follower - giving you sounds that you wouldn't get anywhere else. This pedal is ideal for phaser modulation tone-smiths. Manufacturer: Pigtronnix | Retail Price: $249 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

The Boss PH-3 is another staple pedal providing good flexibility and sound housed in the all-too-familiar boss single pedal form factor. With the PH-3, Boss included as many features and knobs as they can fit into their pedal design, resulting in an easy to use effect with enough depth for those that want to experiment. The PH-3 comes with a multi-stage selector and two unique modes - Rise and Fall, which gives you unidirectional phasing. Add in tap-tempo control, and you have a well rounded affordable phase shifter pedal. Manufacturer: Boss | Retail Price: $129 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

T-Rex Tonebug Phaser

T-Rex Tonebug Phaser

The T-Rex Tonebug Phaser made it to our top phaser pedal list because of its low noise, balanced features and simple controls. It has two simple knobs that control depth and rate, and it has a switch that toggles between modern and vintage sounds. With the vintage setting, you get the classic MXR Phase 90 sound, while the modern setting is more aggressive, ideal for overdriven or distorted guitars. With this switch, you can worry more about your playing and less about effect settings. Manufacturer: T-Rex | Retail Price: $149 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone

Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone pedal bears the popular Small Stone sound in a small "nano" chassis. This pedal gives you a straight forward phase shifting sound where you can adjust the rate. For a bit of flexibility, the pedal comes with a color switch that hollows out the sound for a more pronounced effect. The Nano Small Stone is ideal for players that require tried and tested phaser effects to enhance their tone. Its affordability and its small size makes it a welcome addition to any type of guitar rig. Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonix | Retail Price: $78 | Get the latest prices and reviews at

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Hi all - I work for a company that sell the Phase 90, a new Mooer phaser and Rocktron - Rocktron do a couple - a high end boutique one and another in the reaction series - I have also played a few others - the best one for me is the cheaper Rocktron Phaser - it has one knob , no level drop, and just sounds divine! the boutique one is also nice but not for me - phase 90 dunlop is unarguably the best seller - and that is for a reason - the Mooer - which are a new brand are something else! cheap as chips but are really putting it out there compared to the high end guys!
hope that helps - ... by the way im not on a bung - just giving info!

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