Kay K570 acoustic

Posted by Desiree Street on Wed, 03/02/11 - 08:10:16.

I have an acoustic Kay K570, and I was curious to see if anyone would have any information on it. Company info, year of the model, how many were made, worth, etc.
It is in ,for the most part, perfect condition.
Has Black pick guard on Both sides of the sound hole with painting of flowers and vines.
Pick guards have phillips screws[from what i understand the phillips screws might indicate that it was Post 1952(ish)]
Has Mahogany(?) back with engraving of flowers and vines.
Has a Gold Sticker with K(in black)on the head of the guitar(didnt know if this would indicate a special series)
Has the Model number K570 inside the guitar with the serial number 300326 inside the body.
Under the Model and Serial number is the word "second"
But it doesnt have any info as to where it was made(from what i understand if it was a Korean model(after the company sold) it might indicate that as well inside where the Model and Serial Numbers would be..

I have been searching all over the internet and I can only seem to find tiny bits of info here and there. I cant even find any pics of what other K570s might look like.
The Kay website was not very helpful as it doesnt even say that this model number(K570)exists(?!?!?)
Any information on the guitar would be wonderful.
Thanks so much.

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Kay Guitar Model K570

I have this same guitar. It was purchased for me from a pawn shop around 1978-1979, for $100.00. It is exactly as everyone is describing it. (Dual pick guards, with flowers and vines, engraved vines around the back, etc.). Inside the hole, is a sticker..Model No. 'K570', Serial number 300376. I looked further, up toward the neck area, and came up with '1976 3 15', which I believe suggests it was made March 15, 1976. My bridge is cracked, and was thinking about replacing it, versus getting a new guitar, because everyone I have spoken to indicates that it is a worthless guitar, however pretty. Now that I have read these comments, I think I will spend the money to get the bridge replaced! Thanks! Kari

Kay acoustic guitar

I have a K 570 made in italy.Could you tell me how old it is ? it has 22 frets steel strung with black scratch plate. I also have a electric guitar,I think it could be a child's guitar.Its black red and brown.It has one pick up...

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