Re: fender 30 amp

Posted by steve shannahan on Mon, 09/25/00 - 08:54:00.

: Does anyone have any information about an early 70's
: fender amp....The Fender 30 ???

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Re: fender 30 amp

: : Does anyone have any information about an early 70's
: : fender amp....The Fender 30 ??? The fender 30 was made in the early 80's. It was one of three "number" series amps. 30, 75 & 130 head. It was Fender's (unsuccessful) attempt to create a high gain channel switching amp a la Mesa. It was discontinued when Paul Rivera began designing amps for Fender.

Re: fender 30 amp

I have one and I can tell you it is just as good or better than most Mesa's I have played. There was a limited run of them but, not the same reason that Steve says. I have a letter from a Fender employee of that time. He states that they only made about 100 of these and Dan Armstrong(ampeg) designed most of it. The reason there were so few because no one in Fender R&D would support it because the felt slighted by the fact that Dan Armstrong designed it. They are very rare and very cool. They have a whole lot of headroom and decent Reverb for an amp their size. Let me know if you have any other questions. I know this topic might not interest you anymore but, what the heck.

Re: fender 30 amp

Hello David (hope this comes through),

Found you while I was surfing over the net looking for info on a Fender 30 amp. Actually I got a Fender 30.
Got it last August. Had some strange and funny sounds on it. But after cleaning pots and socket, a recap, some new tubes an a bias adjustment everything works just fine. I'm not a genuine guitar player, I play bass, but it's a very nice amp. Take it to rehearsels and let our lead guitar player play through it. It sounds a lot better than his practice amp, a Peavey Bandit 112.
Not much known about these amp. Diffendent designer names are mentioned, Ed Jahns, Bill Hughe and you come up with Dan Armstrong. And then about the quantaties: one hunderd or 675 in every year it was made (1980 - 1981). You say you have a letter from a Fender employee. Could you scan it and mail it to me. I would be very pleased. Trying to learn as much about the amp as possible. I'm a bit of a Fender freak. Play Fender basses through a Studio Bass, a Bassman 100, a Bassman 70 and a Bassman 10.I even got a 1966 Blackface Bassman Amp. Like to hear from you,

Greetings, Jan

Re: fender 30 amp

i just bought one at sam ash used of course for 150 clams. is this too good to be true? it sounds great if not better than my deluxe reverb. the reverb is not as good, but it seems a tad warmer.

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