Re: Train- Drops Of Jupiter

Posted by Alfonzo on Tue, 06/05/01 - 10:47:41.

This song is easy. You start off by strumming Cmaj once then play string B open and the high e string on the first fret to get that little lick. Then strum Gmaj once and then play the B string on the third fret and the high e string open once. Then Fmaj then the B string on fret one then three. We shall call that the intro. the verse is just C,G,F(you play F every time he says the "hey hey") The choruses are the chords G,D,F in that order. Every other line throw in a C after the F. Then after the first chorus play the intro again. The next verse and Chorus are the same as well as the last ones. I know the solo too but Im not going to give it now so email me at if you really want it.

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Re: Train- Drops Of Jupiter


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