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Black Cat OD-Boost

Black Cat Pedals has a new dual channel overdrive/boost pedal, the Black Cat OD-Boost.

DigiTech JamMan Express XT - Musikmesse 2013

DigiTech introduces the JamMan Express XT, a space-saving looper pedal with 10 minutes of looping time.

EHX Epitome Multi-Effect Pedal

The EHX Epitome is generating quite a buzz, featuring three effects in one - Micro Pog, Stereo Electric Mistress and Holy Grail Plus.

Robert Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive

The new Red Dirt Overdrive from Robert Keeley is now available, a compact stompbox with classic tube-like tones.

Guitar Amp Attenuator Roundup

We all love the sound of a cranked tube amp, but it can be too loud in many situations.

"Roverdrive" and "Seq & Destroy" by Marrs Pedals

Marrs Pedals releases two new effects, the "Roverdrive" overdrive pedal and the "Seq & Destroy" sequence tremolo.

Pitch Shifter Pedal Roundup

If you are looking to create more expressive solos, add intelligent harmonies, or if you simply want to have fun with unconventional tone textures, these pitch shifter pedals will get the job done.

Delay Pedal Roundup

Here are the most inspiring and best value delay effect pedals to help you find the right one for your playing style.

Catalinbread New Dirty Little Secret

Catalinbread introduces a redesigned Dirty Little Secret Pedal, now with two distinct Marshall overdrive voicings.

A Beginner's Guide To Effects Pedals

A lot of people want to use effects pedals in their playing, but some are put off by their cost and the difficulty of going from messing around with them to creating a live act that makes the most of their potential.


EHX introduces the HOG 2 pedal, upgrading their popular Harmonic Octave Generator with enhanced algorithms and controls.

NAMM 2013 - Radial Voco-Loco Vocal Preamp and Effects Loop

Add guitar effects to your vocals with the new Radial Voco-Loco, a microphone preamp and effects loop pedal in one.

MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe

Dunlop introduces the MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe, a versatile analog modulation pedal tuned specifically for bass.

Fender Competition Series Effects Pedals

Guitar and Amp manufacturer Fender expands further into guitar effects territory with the new Competition Series Pedals.

NAMM 2013: T-Rex Møller 2 and Sweeper 2 Pedals

T-Rex will introduce the updated version of the Møller 2 Drive and the Sweeper 2 Bass Chorus pedals at the 2013 NAMM.

12 New Mooer Micro Pedals - NAMM 2013

Osiamo will introduce 12 new Mooer Micro Pedals into the US Market at the coming 2013 NAMM.

Blackbird Pedalboards Custom Cases

Blackbird Pedalboards is now offering Custom Cases, built to match your personal pedalboard.

The Verb Deluxe - DIY Reverb Pedal Kit

The Verb Deluxe is a Reverb Pedal Do-It-Yourself kit from MOD Kits, based on the Belton Digi-Log Mini Module.

Strymon Mobius - Modulation Pedal

Strymon introduces the Mobius, a versatile pedal with twelve modulation effect types in a compact package.

Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp Pedal with Bluetooth

Zoom introduces their latest regular-sized multi-effect pedal, the MS-100BT MultiStomp, featuring amp modeling, effects and Bluetooth iOS connectivity.

Time Bandit by Visual Sound

Visual Sound introduces a pedal that lets you have quick and accurate tempo synchronization, the Time Bandit.

Mesa Boogie Overdrive and Distortion Pedals

Mesa Engineering has come up with four new drive and distortion pedals, namely the Grid Slammer, Tone-Burst, Throttle Box and Flux-Drive.

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix is set to release the new Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Pedal this coming January 2013.

Catalinbread Echorec

Catalinbread introduces its latest pedal, the Echorec, giving you the sound of analog magnetic drum echo in a compact and modern package.

Catalinbread Callisto Chorus/Vibrato

Catalinbread unveils the Callisto Chorus/Vibrato pedal, a compact pedal with MN3007 Bucket Brigade chip at its core.

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