Kirk Lorange

Kirk Lorange has been playing for 50 plus years and is one of Australia's best know session and performing guitarists. He regularly contributes articles that help guitar players of all skill levels to play better and to better understand their instrument. On Plane Talk he reveals the visualization technique he developed as a non-reader.


PlaneTalk is a comic-strip conversation that takes place on a plane between a seasoned guitarist and a guy who gave up trying to figure it out. The pro lets him in on a secret, a shorthand way of thinking of music and the guitar, a simple trick. The reader gets to listen in as the lesson unfolds. Here is a Sample Comic Strip.

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Following on from his popular articles above, Kirk has added a crash course in Drop D slide guitar to his site.

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Many thanks for great newsletters in '98 and all the work you've put into them. I've learn't so much about guitars/music since subscribing (as well as getting Kirk Lorange's book - Plane Talk, which is amazing). Regards, David Reece - Dec 24, 1998

How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time This has some good advice for both singers taking up the guitar, and guitarists learning to sing.

Classical Guitar Anatomy learn about the parts of the classical guitar: Head, Nut, Fretboard, Soundhole & Bridge

Chords, Chord, Chords! chord theory & links to all the best chord sites!

Guitar Books

    • The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

    • How to Play Guitar: The Basics and Beyond by Editors of Guitar Player

    • 1001 Guitar Tips & Tricksby Andy Jones

    • How to Play Popular Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons book by Norman Monath

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How Guitars Work - The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in use today. Now you can understand how both acoustic and electric guitars work, from the soundbox to the frets!

Guitar Lesson World - A site that you can obtain Guitar Lessons on all styles and all levels. This site is a resource that gives the information that aspiring guitarists need to become better. It provides lessons on theory with everything from scales and modes to chord construction.

Play Guitar free online tuition - a graduated way to learn how to play guitar in an easy and direct way, with a guitar teacher or by self-instruction, step by step.

Coach's Corner - Feature articles include: "Abstraction vs Reality" "Memorizing Your Music" "Arranging & Transcribing" "Message in Your Music" "Essentials for Evolution" "Music as a Language" "Establishing Priorities" "Music as Your Career" "Fingerpick vs Flatpick" "Organizing Your Time" "Fusion or (Con)Fusion" "Practice Can Make Perfect" "Guitar & Electric Bass"

Vision Music - "Offering the highest level of professional music lessons for the evolving guitarist or bassist. I've taught music full-time for over twenty-six years, and have put my heart and soul into what many believe is the finest music instruction site on the web!" - Mark Stefani.

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eMedia Guitar Method

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Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons - Try the videos which can be found here, especially the classic rock series. There are also online MIDI segments and an opportunity to win a free video every week.

Guitarology - The essential online learning resource! This website has got it all: +65 free lessons, +200 chord charts, +250 scale charts, +25 000 tabluature files, resources and more! Specifically, it is aimed at those wishing to improve their playing, but there is certainly something here for everyone.


Tuning Your Guitar

Serious Guitar Instruction Book - Instruction for the serious guitar student. Understand all styles of music by learning theory you can use. Comprehensive, detailed study of scales, chords, chord progressions, Keys, harmony, and how to improvise. 200 page book containing a lifetime of information and ideas.

Guitar Made Simple - Wilson's guitar lessons and instruction book contain mostly guitar chord diagrams and music scales, which you can use as a reference guide.

Nashville Guitar Pattern - "We are selling musical instructions books. We have an innovative new book series out for guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, and viola that allow the user to create hundreds of scales and modes using only one single visual fret pattern. This information has never before been published..."

Ulli Dirks Guitar Lessons Online (in Deutsch & English)

Darius' Umbilical Chords - A great tool for teaching - a must for all serious musicians.

Chops from Hell - Shred Guitar? Lots of tuition here, Networked Guitar Chat & even instructional books for sale.

Chord Wizard - Download & see what you think! ChordWizard is a new generation software tool that brings the dynamic world of chords to the players of guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele, presenting it in terms of chordshapes - the patterns of fingers on frets that are the basis of music on these instruments.

Charanga - Presenting 'Guitar Coach', the phenomenal new CD-rom guitar tutor for beginners, especially commissioned video, audio and graphics integrated to provide enjoyable and effective guitar lessons.

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