Boss Waza Craft Delay DM-2W

Boss introduces their updated delay effect, the Waza Craft Delay DM-2W, featuring two modes and longer delay time.

Boss Waza Craft Delay DM-2W

Based on the classic 1977 DM-2 analog delay, this modified stompbox completes the trio of Waza Craft pedals that sport dual modes and improved features.

Although it was discontinued back in 1984, the original DM-2 Delay had its own following, most of which appreciate the warm “bucket brigade” analog delay sound of the pedal. Now Boss is bringing this pedal back in production, and they did not go for a regular re-issue, instead they had the pedal join their new line of modernized classics – the Waza Craft series.

The company is proud of this new line of pedals, appropriately labeling them “Waza”, a Japenese word that translates to art and technique. The DM-2W Delay prominently carries the Waza Craft logo on its front fascia, signaling that it is an affordable “boutique” version of Boss’ old analog delay pedal.

The pedal is said to be a complete rebuild of the original, carrying over the same analog sound while removing unwanted noise that were present in the original pedal. The all-analog circuit of the pedal features true BBD (bucket brigade) delay line, and according to the company, it “nails the lush sound and 20-300 ms delay range of the original DM-2”.

For tone shaping, the control knobs of the original pedal are all present, giving you control over the repeat rate, intensity and echo. However, it doesn’t end at just getting the sound of the original pedal right, because like the other Waza Craft pedals, the DM-2W Delay has a switchable new voice. This can be accessed via the Standard and Custom mode switch in between the knobs.

Switching to Custom Mode transforms the pedal from warm into a cleaner more transparent delay effect which is meant to fulfill the transparency requirements of today’s guitarists. Aside from the modern cleaner tone, this mode also allows for longer delay time, doubling the max delay time from 300ms to around 600ms. This means that the DM-2W gives you classic sounding delay and modern sounding delay packed in one regular sized stompbox.

Both the Standard and Custom mode also benefit from two other improvements that are added to the DM-2W, which include the ability to split your signal via the wet and dry outputs, and the ability to add an expression pedal for controlling your delay time in real-time.

Check out the official video demo:

The new Boss DM-2W Delay Waza Craft Special Edition pedal is currently available for preorder with a price tag of $179. Head over to Boss for further details.

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