Catalinbread Karma Suture Pedal

Catalinbread unveils the new Karma Suture, a pedal that sustains as it generates even-order harmonic distortion.

Catalinbread Karma Suture Pedal

This versatile harmonic generator utilizes a NOS Russian PNP germanium transistor, an NPN silicon transistor, a germanium diode and a silicon diode, allowing for a wide range of harmonically rich overdriven tones.

Because of its harmonic properties, you can use the new Karma Suture as a fuzz, overdrive, or booster pedal. You can plug it straight to your amp or chain it to your existing set of effects.

This pedal is inspired by the famous Harmonic Percolator and Catalinbread didn’t just settle for a clone. They expanded the potential of the Percolator circuit by equipping the pedal with Density and Diodes control knobs, which took them months of fine-tuning to finally get the sound they wanted – “a drive pedal that generates predominantly even-order harmonic distortion that sustains while harmonics bubble up”.

According to the brand, the resulting tone features improved note clarity compared to regular dirt and boost pedals, even at high-gain settings. With the Karma Suture, complex chords will ring articulately regardless of dirt applied. This means that you can use the pedal as your main effect in various sonic applications, or you can use it to spice up your current rig.

To better demonstrate what the Karma Suture pedal can do, Catalinbread released a 2 part video that details the various sounds you can get from the unit:

The demo video is quite convincing, detailing how the four control knobs affect the sound and showcasing the various tones that you can get out of the pedal.

The new Karma Suture is designed to be a good tool for musicians who want to try unique sonic textures. It is powered using a 9V negative ground DC power supply or 9V battery, features true bypass, and is built using Catalinbread-approved components.

Karma Suture is now available with a retail price of $169.99. You can head over to Catalinbread for more information.

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