Cleartone Monster Mustaine

Cleartone welcomes Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine and announces the upcoming Cleartone Monster Mustaine signature strings.

Cleartone Monster Mustaine

The upcoming .010-.052 gauge signature string set is based on the Cleartone Monster set, which the heavy metal icon has been using exclusively.

After trying out the Monster string set, it has become his only string of choice. He used it while recording Megadeth’s latest album “Super Collider” and is currently using them on the Gigantour heavy metal music fest.

The new signature set will feature Cleartone’s coating technology that feature VolumeBoost and ToneLock. According to the California-based manufacturer, they had an independent sound lab test the volume increase provided by their proprietary coating and found that there was up to 36% more loudness compared to uncoated ones.

In agreement to this louder volume, Mustaine was quoted saying: “The first time I played Cleartone Strings, I noticed a ton more volume. They were bright, felt solid and durable, but really loud.”

Cleartone’s coating also improves the strings’ lifespan, thanks to their ToneLock technology. With this, each string can last three to five times longer than regular sets. The manufacturer also assures that the coating will not shred or peel, because the coating is very thing, less than one micron.

Dave affirms this by saying “I didn’t even know they were treated until I realized how long they were on the guitar. They last much longer than other strings I’ve used.”

Talking about his upcoming signature set, Dave said “I really feel that Cleartone strings are amazing. They are the best sounding strings out there, which is why I use them exclusively on all my guitars.”

Here is a video demo of the Monster Heavy string set, which caught the ears of Dave Mustaine:

The Cleartone Monster Mustaine set is expected to have a USA street price of $12.99, manufactured in their burbank, California Facility. For more information and to check out their other offerings, visit Cleartone Strings.

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