Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball presents the Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, made from a mix of aluminum and copper that is said to provide improved projection, clarity and corrosion resistance.


According to the official press release, this is the first significant material innovation for acoustic strings since 1974, when Phosphor Bronze was introduced.

It took the company more than 3 years of research to develop this unique blend of copper and aluminum, designed specifically to reproduce the various frequencies expected from acoustic guitars.

This new mixture of aluminum and copper is used to wrap Ernie Ball’s Maraging Steel hex cores, resulting in tones that according to Ernie ball has “more pronounced lows coupled with crisp brilliant highs”.

The emphasis on the lower frequencies will improve your guitar’s projection, while clarity is improved because of the balanced highs. Aside from sonic improvements, Ernie Ball also claims that Aluminum Bronze strings lasts longer than regular strings, thanks to the corrosion resistant properties of Aluminum.

Before the release of this set and before it was announced last January, the new redesigned acoustic guitar strings were road tested by known acoustic guitar virtuosos. This includes John Mayer, Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour. The company boasts, “…the response has been in resounding agreement that Aluminum Bronze Strings provide a shockingly clear and robust tone unlike anything else on the market.”

Check out Andy McKee as he showcases the new Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze guitar strings.

The new Aluminum Bronze acoustic guitar strings are currently retailing for $7.99. They are available in four gauges – Medium (.013 – .056), Medium Light (.012 – .054), Light (.011 – .052) and Extra Light (.010 – .050). Head over to Ernie Ball for further details.

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