DigiTech Bass Whammy

DigiTech is now shipping the next-generation Bass Whammy, upgraded with advanced polyphonic note tracking and pitch detection optimized for bass.

DigiTech Bass Whammy

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This new pedal carries over all of the features of its predecessor while adding a host of modern features.

The new Bass Whammy looks much like the latest generation Whammy V for guitar, the main difference being the color and that the Bass Whammy is especially tuned to handle lower frequencies.

You can plug-in your four, five or six string electric bass guitars to this new pedal, and you can use it to apply various types of pitch shifting effects.

DigiTech marketing coordinator Tom Cram said, “since we announced the DigiTech Bass Whammy at Winter NAMM 2014, we have received great feedback from bassists who are excited about the range of new tones and creativity they will be able to achieve with this pedal. We designed the Bass Whammy to satisfy the broadest range of players and we believe it will be as invaluable to bassists as the original is to guitar players worldwide.”

This new pitch shifter pedal for bass has two tracking modes, Chords and Classic. In Chords mode, the pedal will let you change the pitch of multiple notes smoothly, thanks to its polyphonic algorithm. Classic mode reverts the pedal to the single note tracking of the original Bass Whammy, along the sonic artifacts.

The pedal has 21 different pitch settings, you can select between 9 Harmony, 10 Whammy and 2 Detune modes.

Harmony modes:

  • Oct Up/2 Oct Up
  • Oct Up/Oct Down
  • Oct Up/10th Up
  • Oct Down/4th Down
  • 5th Down/5th Up
  • 4th Down/3rd Up
  • 4th Down/5th Up
  • 5th Up/6th Up
  • 5th Up/Oct Up

Whammy modes:

  • 2 Oct Up
  • Oct Up
  • 5th Up
  • 4th Up
  • 2nd Up
  • 2nd Down
  • 4th Down
  • 5th Down
  • Oct Down
  • Dive Bomb

Detune modes:

  • Shallow Detune
  • Deep Detune

You won’t have to worry about tone suck when the pedal is disengaged because it now comes with a true bypass circuit. MIDI input control is also an added feature that lets you control the pedal from an external MIDI device. Finally, the new Bass Whammy comes with a 9-volt DC power adapter and is packed inside an all metal chassic.

The next generation Bass Whammy has a suggested retail price of $279.95. Visit DigiTech for further details.

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