Three Cool iOS Apps from Positive Grid

Positive Grid launched three cool iOS apps for musicians – Beats Metronome, Accutune (tuner) and Jam Player
(manipulate tempo and pitch).

Beats Metronome
Beats Metronome

These new apps offer essential functionality and carry the same audio quality as their flagship iOS app, JamUp Pro.

These apps are useful tools that musicians with iPads or iPhones will benefit from. Looking at the screenshots and available video, I think that they are very impressive.

Beats Metronome is a versatile metronome with a great looking interface. You can set it to 35 different time signatures that include compound and complex meters. It also features tap-tempo, handy for figuring out song tempos in real time. It also comes with 17 different click sounds to make practice less tiring to the ears. Aside from providing traditional audio clicks, Beats Metronome also give you good visual monitoring. In Flash Mode, it produces a strobe-like flash on each beat, which can also be set to flash on the downbeat – this mode can be very useful onstage or in other low-light environments. Another graphic depiction of the beat is provided with its Visual Beats mode. The display changes to show and highlight circles that represent the beats in a measure, providing an easy-to-follow visualized version of the tempo.

Jam Player
Jam Player

Don’t be fooled by Jam Player‘s simple analog like interface, behind this is easy to use graphic is a powerful song manipulator that can seamlessly and independently manipulate pitch and tempo. This app allows you to load any song into the Jam Player directly from the iOS device’s iTunes library. You can then use the Speed control to slow-down or speed-up the tempo of the song without affecting its pitch. For instance, a super-fast guitar solo could be slowed significantly to make it easier to learn, and then sped up periodically as the player becomes more comfortable with it. The Pitch control knob on the other hand can raise and lower the pitch without affecting the tempo. It is a great tool for learning a song in different keys.


Last but not the least is AccuTune, which turns your iPad or iPhone into a full featured chromatic tuner. It responds either to notes captured by the iPhone or iPad’s microphone, or through a guitar adapter like Positive Grid’s JamUp Plug. The interface features two different views: a standard meter display on the top of the screen and a nifty note-wheel display at the bottom. When combined, these two views give you a great level of detail for easy and precise tuning. You can also change calibration from the default 440 Hz, set transposition, adjust temperament and other settings. Finally, since this is an iOS app, the AccuTune features a smooth response, making tuning very convenient.

Accuttune and Beats Metronome is priced at $4.99, while Jam Player will sell for $9.99. For a limited time, Positive Grid is offering a low introductory price of $0.99 for each of these iOS apps.

For more details and to check on their other products, you can visit Positive Grid.

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