eMedia Music announces My Electric Guitar Tutorial

eMedia Music has announced the release of My Electric Guitar, a fun and unique program that offers an exciting new way for kids ages 9 and up to learn how to play electric guitar. The program features multimedia lessons that guide children with video demonstrations, while creatively using interactive games to help with learning chords. eMedia's award-winning “My Music” titles are a great way to make learning fun and easy for kids!

The program stars a playful animated character named Rocky the Guitar, who leads kids through lessons by Charles McCrone, graduate of the cutting-edge Guitar Institute of Technology. My Electric Guitar covers the basics, such as tuning your guitar and strumming chords, and moves on to playing songs, learning riffs, and much more. The games in My Electric Guitar are both fun and educational, helping kids memorize specific chords while keeping them entertained. My Electric Guitar will also teach kids how to read tablature notation. No prior musical experience is necessary.

My Electric Guitar is packed with useful features and over 60 lessons that will have children rocking in no time. The animated fretboard shows them where to put their fingers for playing notes and chords, while MIDI tracks allow sections of songs to be sped up or slowed down, so kids can learn at their own pace. Song looping lets them repeat sections of songs, which makes practicing difficult parts a breeze. Full-motion videos guide kids through songs and playing techniques. Special tools, such as an automatic tuner, metronome, chord dictionary, and digital recorder are also included. Research suggests that beginning guitarists quit or lose interest when playing an out-of-tune guitar. The automatic tuner allows kids to play into their computer's microphone and tune their guitar quickly and easily. The chord dictionary is an extremely helpful tool, displaying over 250 chord charts. Kids can simply click on a chord to hear what it sounds like and see the correct fingering for it. With all these unique and interactive features, My Electric Guitar is the perfect way to introduce children to playing electric guitar!

My Electric Guitar is recommended for children ages 9 and up, and is available now at computer and music retail stores nationwide at an estimated retail price of $29.95. The CD-ROM is a hybrid for both Windows (XP/Vista) and Macintosh (OSX 10.3+).

For more information, please visit www.emediamusic.com

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