Gibson Definitely Not Washed Up, Slash on the other hand…

On the heels of a worldwide jaunt across the globe celebrating his first solo album release, legendary guitarist Slash was presented with a very special “first guitar” from Gibson USA.

The story of the American icon’s recovery and resurgence from the May 2010 floods in Nashville was presented with strong testament in West Hollywood, California at the Key Club on Monday, August 20, 2010, where Slash was presented with the very first guitar to roll off the production line since the devastating floods hit Music City.

The guitar, a Gibson Les Paul Studio, came off the production line in July, 90 days after the flood, and was kept on display at the plant for all employees to view prior to it being given to signature artist Slash.

Gibson Guitar was also an official sponsor of the Sunset Music Festival supporting the rock legend Slash on Thursday, August 26, 2010 during an official citywide proclamation in West Hollywood that declared it officially “Slash Day.”

Slash was honored at a special tribute at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard for his extraordinary contribution to the rock-and-roll legacy which is the Sunset Strip.

Gibson GuitarTown has been installed along the Sunset Strip with a prominent centerpiece of the exhibit being a ten-foot tall Gibson guitar sculpture uniquely themed “Slash.”

Slash with the first Gibson made after the Nashville flood

Story courtesy of Gibson Lifstyle

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