G&L Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy

The new Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy features an exotic combination of an Okoume semi-hollow body and Korina top.

G&L Savannah Collection

This guitar is part of the new Savannah Collection models, instruments that will have a limited production run of 250.

This guitar follows the general body plan of the ASAT Classic Bluesboy, only it features a semi-hollow Okoume body and Korina top, a recurring theme found in the new G&L Savannah Collection.

G&L have tried using various tonewoods in both solid and semi-hollow for the Classic Bluesboy, but according to them, the use of a 2-piece semi-hollow Okoume and Korina top is the most adventurous yet.

Semi-hollow bodies are known for being light, and Okoume is also known for being light – combining the two means that this guitar has an extremely light body that is easy to play and carry. Aside from its weight, G&L also chose Okoume for its tone, which is described as being “sweetly resonant with a lot of mahogany’s warmth and a bit of maple’s snap”. The body is capped with Korina to give the guitar its earthy “Savannah” look. Both Korina and Okoume are native to the African Savannah, a combination that gave this collection its name.

The G&L Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy features a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbucker on the neck, and a G&L Magnetic Field Design single-coil pickup on the bridge. The Seth Lover neck is described to have a warm and smooth tone, which when combined with the guitar’s semi-hollow body design results in what G&L describes as a tone comparable to that of 335 neck pickup.

The MFD bridge pickup gives off typical Telecaster “bright” tonality, the Okoume body is said to soften the “bite” with its open grains, while the Korina top helps retain high-frequency sparkle. Combining the two pickups produces a tone described as jangly, warm and balanced.

The guitar comes with a quartersawn hard rock maple neck carved into a C shape profile. It features a Pau Ferro fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets. Other hardware include 12:1 ratio tuners, traditional boxed steel bridge with individual brass saddles, a 3-position pickup selector, and straightforward volume and tone knobs

This limited edition guitar features a single ply pickguard and features an “old school tobacco sunburst” finish, as used on the other Savannah Collection instruments. Pricing information is not yet available, but I’ve seen other Savannah Collection instruments going for $1,650. For more information you can head over to G&L Guitars.

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