Guitar Method App for iPad

The Guitar Method App from eMedia is an accessible and portable guitar tuition software for the iPad.

eMedia Guitar Method

The Guitar Method is a popular guitar instruction software and its iPad version turns it into a quick and portable guitar learning solution.

All you need aside from your guitar – is your iPad which you can easily slip into your guitar case. This new app takes advantage of iPad’s high screen resolution providing clear and crisp learning materials. It also utilizes the Multi-touch features of iPad – making the lessons even more interactive. As an example, you can highlight a section of music by using the pinch action on the screen and then loop and repeat it for convenient learning.

The good thing about this app is you don’t need any guitar experience – it has everything you need to start guitar playing from scratch – this includes charts, posture and other essential information.

eMedia Guitar Method

You can learn at your own pace with eMedia’s Animated Fretboard, which shows you what to play and supports right and left-handed players. Music Tracking highlights chords as they are played and Variable Speed Playback features MIDI tracks that can be slowed down. Other features include digital metronome, chord dictionary and automatic tuner.

You get over 120 lessons that range from basics like stringing your guitar and playing simple chords to strumming styles, playing melodies, fingerpicking
styles and reading tablature.

You also get over 50 full-screen videos from instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D. as he introduces each new technique, using split screens and close-ups of both hands.

By the end of the lesson, you should be able to play songs like “Rock N’ Me”, “Scarborough Fair” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” preparing you for more advanced guitar techniques.

You can avail of the eMedia Guitar Method App for $19.99 from the iTunes App Store.


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