Ibanez S920

The Ibanez S920 is part of the Premium sub-division of their S-series, featuring enhanced playability, EMG pickups and carved top aesthetics.

Ibanez S920

Just one look at the image of this guitar and it is obvious that the S920 is meant for rock and metal music.

For those unfamiliar with Ibanez’ lingo, the “Premium” subdivision are mid-level models that are made at their Premium Factory in Indonesia. These guitars are supposed to be sitting between production models and the expensive Prestige models. The S920 is part of the Ibanez Premium group, bearing improved aesthetics and hardware.

The solid mahogany body of the Ibanez S920 features a carved top and is cut into a contoured variation of their double cutaway design. The carved shape is not just for aesthetics, they are ergonomically designed for easier picking and strumming. Aside from its great shape, the guitar has minimal design implements – no binding, fret markers or pickguard – however this simplicity helps highlight the guitar’s shape and overall killer black theme.

The 25.5″ scale neck is made from 5pc Maple/Walnut combination. It is carved into Ibanez’ Wizard Premium neck which is said to offer the same playability as the expensive Prestige models. The bound rosewood fingerboard is equipped with jumbo frets that feature hand-rolled fret edges.

The guitar features EMG 60 for the neck and an EMG 81 for the bridge. No surprise here because this guitar seems to target metal and rock guitar players which favor high output active pickups from EMG. The pickups are controlled by a single volume collet knob, and a traditional three way switch which is placed below the bridge pickup.

Ibanez S920

The S920 features a ZR2 bridge and ZPS3 Spring system. According to Ibanez, this system stabilizes the bridge and insures tuning stability by consistently returning the tremolo to its center point. It uses extra springs but is lighter, and replaces knife edge pivots with ball bearings. The guitar is also equipped with a locking nut to help with tuning stability.

The S920 is only available in black finish, in keeping with its metal and rock inclination.

The Ibanez S920 is currently retailing for $999.99. You can get more information about this instrument from Ibanez.

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