Maxon DB10 Dual Booster Pedal

The Maxon DB10 Dual Booster Pedal combines two independently voiced boost circuits in a compact and portable pedal.

Maxon DB10 Dual Booster Pedal

This new pedal from Maxon pedal is literally two booster effects in one, with two input and output jacks and two separate foot switches.

Each Maxon DB10 pedal comes with a “clean” and “vintage” boost circuit. The pedal gives you the option to choose between a modern sounding booster and a vintage one to give you more tone options. Thanks to its independent circuitry and separate input outputs, you can even combine the two circuits or integrate both boosters into your board whichever way you like.

The channel on the left is labeled as Clean, it gives you up to +20dB of boost without coloring your tone. Since it offers a completely flat frequency response, this channel is ideal if you just want to add volume to your tone.

The right side of the pedal controls the Vintage channel, it also gives you up to +20dB of boost but with a vintage tonality. It slightly rolls-off some of your high frequencies and adds a mild mid-boost when set to maximum boost level. This channel acts like older booster pedals, and is ideal for making solos that easily cut through a noisy rock band.

The controls on the Maxon Dual Booster is straightforward, you get two independent level knobs that control the boost level on each channel. You also get two engage switches that turn each channel on or off. To setup, you simply plug-in your guitar to the channel that you prefer. Advanced players looking for flexibility can take advantage of the routing possibilities that this pedal can offer. You can cascade the two circuits into each other without regard for order, and you can even place pedals in-between the two channels for even more tone options.

Each of the channels on the pedal feature mechanical True Bypass. It is powered by a 9-volt battery, and you can also use a matching DC adapter for long use. Finally a basic LED status indicator lets you know if the channel is on or not.

The Maxon Dual Booster DB10 pedal is currently selling for around $249. For more information and to check their other products, you can visit Godlyke.

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