Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine

Transform your guitar sound into an electric organ with the new Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine pedal.

B9 Organ Machine

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This pedal features nine presets that shape the sound of your guitar into various tonewheel and combo organs from '60s to the present.

A teaser of this pedal created quite the buzz some weeks back, and it may just be worth the buzz because of its authenticity, multiple organ sounds and extra effects.

In line with the pedal's release, EHX produced an in-depth demo video that showcases the various organ sounds that it can produce. Normally, I don't keep my hopes up when a pedal claims to make a guitar sound like something else, but after watching the demo video it became obvious that the B9 Organ Machine was an exception.

For something that features complex sound shaping technology, the B9's layout is surprisingly simple and straightforward. The most notable control is the 9-position knob, which gives you access to the different organ sounds of the pedal. Here is the complete list of sounds that you can get:

  • Fat & Full
  • Jazz
  • Gospel
  • Classic Rock
  • Bottom End
  • Octaves
  • Cathedral
  • Continental
  • Bell Organ

Particularly interesting are the Gospel, Cathedral and Bell Organ! It is commendable how EHX was able to transform the sound of the guitar while retaining the instrument's expressive control.

Two knobs are provided for mixing the dry and effected sound. The Organ volume knob controls the overall volume of the Organ preset while Dry volume controls the volume of the untreated instrument level at the Organ Output jack. With these two knobs, you can layer the organ sound with your dry guitar signal, or you can mute the guitar completely.

The Mod knob lets you adjust the modulation speed of the effect. The type of modulation applied is different depending on the preset, and this comes pre-selected by EHX.

Another interesting feature of this pedal is the Click control, which lets you adjust the harmonic percussion "click" like effect found on many classic organs. They designed the click to trigger at the very first note or chord played and it will only retrigger when current notes have been released or their amplitude falls below a threshold. This helps in improve the authenticity of the organ sound.

The press release wraps up by saying, "With the B9 Organ Machine, EHX’s goal was to create an affordable, rugged and easy to use pedal that would put undeniable organ sound at a musician’s fingertips. Check out the demo to hear it for yourself."

The new B9 Organ Machinee is expected to retail for $293.73. Head over to Electro-Harmonix for further details.

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