T-Rex introduces two new additions to the Tonebug Pedal Line

T-Rex Engineering has introduced the fourth and fifth members of its incredibly popular Tonebug family of pedals: the Tonebug Phaser and the Tonebug Chorus/Flanger.

The two pedals join their existing Tonebug Overdrive, Reverb and Distortion siblings. The Tonebug Series is a growing line of T-Rex pedals built with a simple philosophy in mind: to offer the classic T-Rex tone found in our high-end pedals with intuitive, uncomplicated controls – all at a price that any guitarist can afford.

The Tonebug Phaser

Tonebug Phaser

Where overdrive and distortion pedals give you that great dirty edge, and reverb and delay pedals create space and time effects, a phase shifter adds a dynamic undulating dimension to your sound. Phasers have been around since the late 60s and are instantly recognisable as a signature part of many great guitarists’ sound, including Brian May and Eddie Van Halen.

The T-Rex Phaser gives you everything you need for a gorgeous phased sound using just two simple controls: RATE and DEPTH. And it sounds great no matter which settings you dial in – from a deep, slow rotation to a light, “watery” shimmer.

The Tonebug Chorus/Flanger

Tonebug Chorus/Flanger

Like the drum machine, polyphonic synthesizers, crazy hair and shoulder pads, the chorus effect is a huge part of what made 80s music even possible. Today, the complex, multi-layered shimmer it gives the electric or acoustic guitar has become a must-have part of any guitarist’s sonic arsenal.

With the T-Rex Chorus + flanger, you get a beautiful, richly textured chorus sound that will add a whole new dimension to your playing – all via two perfectly simple controls: RATE and DEPTH.

T-Rex is scheduled to begin shipping the Tonebug Phaser and Chorus/Flanger in September 2010. MSRP of both pedals: $199.

For more information, please visit www.t-rex-effects.com

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