T-Rex New Facebook Page – Win a Tonebug Pedal

T-Rex, makers of guitar effects pedals and power supplies, are promoting their new Facebook page.


Their new page will become their central hub for social activities, product presentations, and other interesting brand announcements.

As part of this they will be having monthly competitions where you can win T-Rex pedals and gear.

The page was officially launched during the last 24 hours, and they’ve kicked it off with the following competition:

For every 1000 “Like’s” our new page get, we’ll pick a winner who’ll receive a free ToneBug pedal of his/her own choice! (The ToneBug series is our new line of outstanding and beautifully designed stomp-boxes, and we’re very excited about releasing them “in the wild”).

If you want to enter you’ll find their FB page at www.facebook.com/trexeffects

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